What Did This MSNBC Anchor Just Call President Obama?! This Is Crazy

What are they drinking over at MSNBC these days?

Brian Williams, a man noted for fabricating things out of thin air, concluded a segment covering a speech by Barack Obama by referring to him as “President Reagan.”

The mixup seemed to have no provocation, and Williams made no attempt to correct himself on the error until well over a minute later.


Via the Washington Examiner:

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams, who formerly helmed the nightly newscast on NBC, mistakenly referred to President Obama as “President Reagan” on Wednesday.

As MSNBC cut away from a live statement Obama was delivering from the White House, Williams picked up the coverage and said, “President Reagan at the White House, Brian Williams with you here in New York.”

Obama was announcing that the U.S. would be keeping more military troops in Afghanistan than had previously been stated.

Caleb Howe at RedState offers a couple of theories on Williams slip up.

I gotta wonder what he was thinking about right then. Pining for a better President? (Who isn’t?) Or maybe he was right in the middle of crafting a classic Williams Tall Tale and it just sort of slipped out. (Spoiler Alert!)

Or maybe he’s just a crazy person? (My favorite theory.)

Come on Caleb, the simple explanation is that it was an honest and completely understandable mistake.

I mean, they’re practically twins, amirite?


The media has compared the two presidents in the past, but we’re thinking this was simply a case of Williams being in a daze during his broadcast.

After all, MSNBC was covering Obama’s response to combating terrorist organizations in the Middle East. If you ever need to see the main difference between Obama and Reagan, it’d be there.

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