Wait until you hear the reason…

Sean Smith was an Information Management Officer working in Benghazi when he was killed during last year’s September 11th attack.  His mother, Pat Smith, has been a very vocal critic of the administration and how they have handled the attack, as well as their tactics for disseminating information since.

Smith joined Sean Hannity last night to discuss the appointment of Susan Rice as National Security Adviser.  As she has in the past, Smith did not withhold what was on her mind, calling Rice a “proven liar”.

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She then went on to add that the Obama administration would not fly her to a ceremony honoring her son.  The reason, which she claims to have in writing?

She is not considered “immediate family”.

Transcript via Gateway Pundit:

“When I went to the casket ceremony they told me that there was going to be an award and that they would send for me, that they would get me over there so I could witness the award. They didn’t do it. And not only did they not do it… He lies. He lies and so do everyone who’s surrounding him. They’re not telling the truth. And I don’t know why… They told me I was not immediate family. I have that in writing. They were not going to send for me.”

Watch below…