Early last year, as the voter fraud trial in upstate New York was getting under way, a Democrat Committeeman named Anthony DeFiglio claimed that falsifying records and forging signatures on ballots was simply “a normal political tactic”.

He himself would plead guilty to falsifying business records, and was identified as being one of three Democrats who convinced two mentally disabled men to sign absentee ballots, which were later filled in for them.  For his efforts, DeFiglio was sentenced to 100 hours of community service.  Other colleagues received similar sentences for similar crimes, with one former Councilman being hit with six months of jail time.

This normal political tactic has again entered the spotlight with the recent arrests of Assemblymen Eric Stevenson and Nelson Castro.  Castro became an undercover informant in the Stevenson case, in exchange for possibly having four-year-old perjury charges dropped.

Today, the indictment involving Castro’s charges was unsealed, and revealed that he would also be granted immunity from prosecution for other crimes.

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Those other crimes?

“An alleged scheme to forge or fraudulently obtain signatures for a petition to get on the Assembly election ballot, and another scheme to fraudulently register 30 people in his Bronx district who did not actually live there.”

The New York Post provides further details:

Specifically, Castro would not be prosecuted for his participation in “a scheme” in June 2008 “to forge or otherwise fraudlently obtain signatures on petitions” to become an Assembly candidate, according to his non-prosecution agreement with the Manhattan US Attorney.

He also would not be prosecuted for “a scheme” that same months “to fraudulently register approximately 30 individuals to vote within the 86th District when, in fact, those individuals resided outside of the 86th District,” the agreement said.

So we now have verified voter fraud and forgery in upstate New York, and downstate New York.  With corruption in the Empire State so rampant right now, it’s difficult to determine who pioneered these methods of voter fraud.  Did upstate teach downstate?  Did city politicians teach Capital Region politicians?

Regardless, it’s readily apparent that Democrats throughout the state have cornered the market on this “normal political tactic”.