Montage: Trump Runs on the Promise of Investigating Hillary

The Trump transition team announced this morning it will not be pursuing an investigation into Hillary Clinton, as candidate Trump repeatedly promised on the campaign trail.

Indeed, as montage linked below shows, investigating Hillary wasn’t just a promise. It a core reason he urged Americans to vote Trump.

Safe to say this is the first promise Trump has definitely broken (*See comments below).

Via Grabien:

Indeed, Trump specifically promised to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate not only Clinton’s handling of her email and the Clinton Foundation, but also the FBI’s investigation into both. He said the American people are “furious” and would accept nothing less.

“Honestly,” he told his crowds, “she should be locked up.”

Turns out, this is one promise he definitely won’t be keeping.

Tuesday morning — just two weeks after winning the presidency — the campaign announced he would not pursue an investigation into Clinton. Better, the campaign said, for Trump to try and help Hillary “heal.”

Well, then.

Watch the montage video below …


Everything he said in those clips above is true – Hillary did engage in criminal activity with her personal email server.

Trump’s turnaround is likely an attempt to convey a message that he will not interfere with his own Department of Justice or the FBI investigations, as President Obama and former President Bill Clinton clearly and repeatedly did.

Should either entity – remember the Clinton Foundation is still under investigation – recommend or pursue charges, President Trump would still likely accept the results of their investigation. He has simply removed himself from being a part of the process, proving that he won’t allow the investigations to be seen as partisan or political.

His comments are a smart approach in our view, and the decision to break a campaign promise in this case seems warranted.

Trump’s only fault however, is that he never should have made a promise he could not or would not keep.

What do you think?

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