Montage: David Hogg Is ‘Disgusted’


The media’s favorite gun control activist, Parkland, Fla., student David Hogg, wants you to know he’s “disgusted.”

Hogg, who just turned 18, has become a constant media fixture since last month’s mass shooting in Florida. And in almost every interview Hogg’s given over the last four weeks, Hogg’s at some point mentioned that he’s “disgusted” or that he finds something “disgusting.”

Here are 16 things that disgust David Hogg:

1 — Marco Rubio giving a long answer at the CNN town hall on gun control

2 — Donald Trump Jr. liking a tweet

3 — The NRA opposing bans on assault rifles

4 — Prisoners having their rights taken away

5 — The percentage of minorities in his AP classes at Stoneman Douglas

6 — Anti-gun control lobbyists

7 — “How broken our democracy is”

8 — That shootings in minority communities do not receive as much press as mass shootings

9 — That Florida only passed new gun control laws after the Parkland shooting

10 — People who thought he’s a paid actor

11 — Betsy DeVos serving as the secretary of Education

12 — DeVos not having a plan to increase federal education spending

13 — People who say the FBI should have done a better job before the Parkland massacre

14 — Trump backing away from supporting a national ban on anyone under 21 owning firearms

15 — That Florida passed new gun restrictions “only” after he called for a tourism boycott

16 — His critics

Hogg told Axios’s Mike Allen Friday that doing TV and calling for new gun control restrictions has become his life’s work, and he expects to be doing the same thing 10 years from now. If so, expect to hear a lot more about what disgusts Mr. Hogg in the years to come.

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