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BALL: “This is an asset he didn’t really have in 2016. Yes, he was raising money online but not like this. And he really ran sort of a shoestring campaign. Didn’t even run a lot of television ads. It’s going to be a whole different ball game for Donald Trump and for his opponents in 2020 because he’s going to have essentially unlimited resources at his disposal. And even when there is a Democratic nominee, that’s going to give Trump a head start and ability to build an organization all over the country. It’s going to be very difficult for Democrats to match. Just the cash on hand that he’s amassing is a real warning sign for Democrats that they’re going to have a tough competition on their hands.”

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KUCINICH: “And that’s one of the things you hear, just from Democratic donor, the establishment folks. That’s what they’re worried about going into 2020 when you have some of these other candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren who say they’re not going to take some of these larger donations. They say that these small donors will max out at some point. Bernie Sanders notes that most of his have not. That said, when you’re going up against the massive organization the president has built, there’s some nervousness that those may be off the table if they have a nominee that won’t accept these donations in a general election.”

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