LaROSA: “Stop, stop, stop iphone mail anhänge nicht herunterladen. Relax.”

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TRUMP PROTESTER: “Get off me!”

MAN: “You’re going to jail.”

TRUMP PROTESTER: “I am a professor.”

MAN: “It doesn’t matter herunterladen. You’re going to jail. You’re not going to be a professor for very long.”

TRUMP PROTESTER: “You need to get off me.”

LaROSA: “Stop internet explorer voor ipaden. Stop.”

MAN: “You’re going to jail.”

LaROSA: “Stop. Please calm down.”

TRUMP PROTESTER: “Get off me.”

LaROSA: “Just relax.”

TRUMP PROTESTER: “I can’t breathe.”

LaROSA: “Just relax.”

TRUMP PROTESTER: “I can’t breathe herunterladen. I can’t breathe. Please, I’m not moving. Just get off me.”