President-elect Donald Trump kicked off what is being dubbed as a ‘Thank You Tour,’ a series of rallies to fire up the voters that supported him in his victory over Hillary Clinton gpx downloaden op iphone.

The event was entertaining to say the least, with Trump delivering an uplifting message to Americans, making big announcements, thanking his supporters, and of course, the ever popular jabbing of his thumb in the eyes of his media critics herunterladen. Figuratively, of course.

Trump went in full bore attack mode against the media, mocking them for trying to carry Hillary across the finish line and laughing at their predictions that he could not win flugzeug app herunterladen.

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It was, as my late friend from NewsBusters Noel Sheppard used to say … Delicious.

Here’s a small sampling in which Trump delivers a gem, “We didn’t break (the blue wall), we shattered that sucker.”


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Via the Conservative Tribune:

Trump took the media to task for fueling racial division, underestimating the intelligence and determination of middle America, and being just plain WRONG about, well, everything, according to The Hill wie kann ich kostenlos musiken von youtube.

Maybe we should call this the “In Your Face” tour.

“(The mainstream media) was saying for months there was no way that Donald Trump can break that blue wall herunterladen. We didn’t break it, we shattered that sucker,” crowed Trump to a delighted crowd of supporters.

He cited examples of systemic media bias: ABC News‘ Martha Raddatz, who co-hosted a presidential debate, teared up during election coverage as a Trump victory became apparent chrome offline installer download. News outlets delayed calling Pennsylvania for Trump.

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CNN’s Dana Bash got a case of the sads over Trump’s media bashing.

“There were lots of divisive comments, especially and unfortunately about the press, which I wish he would stop doing,” Bash lamented solitaire herunterladen kostenlos. “I just wish he would figure out a way to stop doing that.”

Meanwhile, the rest of America wishes the press would stop acting like dishonest, second-rate hacks, including Bash’s employer, the Clinton News Network herunterladen.

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