Minnesota State Lawmakers Call for National COVID Death Audit After ‘Shocking’ Data Shows People With Gunshot Wounds Counted


Two Minnesota state legislators claim coronavirus deaths in the state are being deliberately inflated and a national audit is required to determine how many people are actually dying from other causes.


> Mark: According to the official statistics, more than 330,000 Americans have died of Coronavirus this year, but not everyone thinks that number is credible. Here’s the Grand County Colorado coroner explaining that some victims also suffered from gunshot wounds.

> It’s the first time the coroner Brenda Bock has felt so frustrated by a cause of death.

> These two people have tested positive for Covid, but that’s not what killed them. A gunshot wound is what killed them. I had not even finished my investigation.

> When the state listed the gunshot victims as dying of Covid.

Mark: So their underlying condition as they had three bullets in their chest. Some state legislators in Minnesota who examined thousands of death certificates in their state say Covid deaths might’ve been overestimated by 40%.

State Representative Mary Franson and state senator Scott Jensen are now calling for a national Covid audit and they join us. Mary, you uncovered some fairly bizarre alleged Covid deaths including a person who was thrown from an automobile in a car accident, but somehow that wound up as a Covid death.

> Yes. What it took were some concerned citizens. Mind you, we’ve heard these stories, this is what I think is happening, but some concerned citizens went through the data practice route and requested those data files they paid for them, passed them on into my hands for me to take a look at and see what they were seeing … and there was a lot of data there, so I enlisted some people that are really good at understanding data … to go through those death files and what I found it was shocking because I was just hoping that it was a myth, but indeed, Minnesota is classifying some deaths as Covid when clearly, they should not be.

We could not have people dying in more vehicle collisions, suicides, drownings, et cetera and being classified as a Covid death. Our state is locked down. Her kids are now going to have to wear masks while playing basketball and hockey. In restaurants or shut down. We can eat at a restaurant, but it’s got to be outside. Today in Minnesota, we got a blizzard. People are losing their

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