Military Expert Offers Obama Advice on How To Combat Terrorists – He’s Not Going to Like It

If you somehow managed to miss the unbelievable suggestion offered up by President Obama’s attorney general on how to combat ISIS yesterday, here’s a refresher.

Loretta Lynch, doing her best John Kerry impersonation, just wants Islamic State terrorists to know that ‘hey, you’ve got a friend.’

Instead of offering a tough, strong, and relentless response to the terror attack in Orlando, Lynch said – and I quote – “Our most effective response to terror and to hatred is compassion, its unity, and its love.”

Not surprisingly, military expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka has a slightly different suggestion on how to combat ISIS.

Gorka told Megyn Kelly that terrorists don’t need love, but rather, “they need a bullet between the eyes.”

Dana Perino, who joined Gorka on the panel added that the Obama administration ‘would have shown love to more people if (they) were to take ISIS out.’

Now that’s the kind of response you’d expect from the nation’s attorney general or the Commander-in-Chief themselves. Instead, we get ‘terrorists just need compassion, unity, and love.’

Listen to Gorka’s fiery comment below …


Lynch’s comments on using love to combat terrorism were so shocking and delusional that Senator Jeff Duncan (R-SC) demanded she resign in multiple social media postings.

In the first, Duncan simply demanded that Lynch “resign immediately.”

In another, Duncan quipped “‘All You Need Is Love’ is a great Beatles song but a horrible foreign policy,” adding “seriously Loretta Lynch, resign immediately.”

Gorka has been an ardent critic of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton for their foreign policies, which have led to ISIS rising and thriving to the point where their followers are now killing Americans on American soil.

He explained that “because of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy and the national security policy of Barack Obama,” everywhere you look “the world is on fire.”

Perhaps that’s because of a policy of compassion and love towards terrorists.

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