Military Expert DESTROYS Obama’s Response To Orlando Shooting

A very vocal critic of the President’s ‘pathetic’ strategy to combat terrorism, Fox News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters leveled some major criticisms in the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack calling it “Obama’s American tragedy.”

Peters previously had high hopes for Obama’s strategy to defeat ISIS, but changed his mind saying the President’s plan is “so pathetic.” He eventually said it could best be described as “idiotic nonsense.”

Now Peters says, Obama is so set in his beliefs that he can’t seem to adjust even when events warrant it – such as Paris, San Bernardino, and now Orlando.

The retired Lt. Col. claimed Obama is “a rare human being who doesn’t seem to learn anything, ever.”

Via the Washington Free Beacon:

Stuart Varney teased the interview by saying Peters, a fierce critic of Obama’s foreign policy, had called the Orlando terrorist attack “Obama’s American tragedy.”

“His failure to do the essential things that had to be done led us directly to this tragic massacre of Americans in Orlando,” Peters said. “Obama—I’m fascinated by him because he’s a rare human being who doesn’t seem to learn anything, ever. His beliefs formed when he was a teenager, hard-left beliefs, seem absolutely iron-clad and dogmatic, and he’s immune to evidence.”

Peters remarked his own politics were much further left when he was a teenager, but he said he managed to evolve.

“Here’s a president, who, after almost eight years in office, still can’t say the words Islamist terror or radical Islam, and it matters, and here’s why it matters,” Peters said. “How can you declare war on an enemy you won’t even name? And we need a declaration of war against radical jihadi groups. That enables us to do many things.”

Peters suggested that law enforcement needs to crack down on online jihadist websites where the Orlando terrorist seems to have become radicalized.

He then turned his attention to Secretary of State John Kerry, destroying him for parroting the Obama administration line that Americans can’t point the finger at “one religion or another” after this massacre, even though these attacks clearly happen in the name of one religion.

“I guess we should worry about bloodthirsty Unitarians, right? And how about rampaging Catholics? And Jews going into kindergartens and crying, ‘This one’s for Yahweh?’” Peters said sarcastically.

He added, “It doesn’t happen like that … Not all Muslims are terrorists, but virtually all terrorists are Muslims today.”

Watch the Peters interview below …


Peters has offered his own advice on how to deal with ISIS and terrorism in the past, saying the proper strategy is to “leave behind smoking ruins and crying widows.”

He once famously explained that the only way to deal with terrorists is to “kill them, keep on killing them until you kill the last one, then you kill his pet goat.”

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