A little laughter to start your week.

We’ve seen some bad efforts in the ceremonial first pitch department, but this one takes the cake myt material v5 herunterladen.

There was the time rapper 50 Cent let the baseball roll off his hand and gently sail about 10 feet to the left of the mound herunterladen. There was the time that singer Carly Rae Jepsen fired the ball directly into the ground in front of her, looking more like she was trying to spike a football task manager herunterladen.

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Then of course, there was Captain Mom Jeans’ historic effort:


What happened at Fenway Park earlier this week however, was completely nuts münchener freiheit kostenlos downloaden.

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Not taking anything away from the story of Boston Red Sox fan Jordan Leandre, a bone cancer survivor, who was called on to make the first pitch during a pregame ceremony to honor the 1967 A.L music for free on mp3-player. pennant-winning team.

Bravo for Leandre overcoming such a difficult fight.

That said, the first pitch went awry, sailing a bit on the pitcher, and well, take a look for yourself (Warning: Men – It hurts to watch):

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Via Fox News Insider:

A ceremonial first pitch at Fenway Park was just a bit outside, nailing an unwitting photographer right in the groin Wednesday night fortnite herunterladen handy.

Boston Red Sox fan Jordan Leandre, a bone cancer survivor, air-mailed the throw during a pregame ceremony honoring the 1967 A.L. pennant-winning team herunterladen.

The clip quickly went viral.

You can see why it went viral.

For his part, photographer Tony Capobianco was a good sport about the incident, tweeting some funny statements in response and even sharing an epic image of the baseball just prior to impact from your games and software library at any time.


Personally, I can’t stop watching the clip – including this one of the 1967 Red Sox players reaction to the incident:


When all is said and done, perhaps this viral video clip will have a silver lining – donations to the Jimmy Fund, where Leandre was treated for his cancer.

Help spread this viral video and maybe raise cancer awareness while sharing a laugh!

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