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Michelle Obama Rips President Trump, Complains About Melania’s Gift

During an appearance on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, former First Lady Michelle Obama revealed what she was thinking during President Trump’s inauguration and again publicly complained about the gift Melania Trump presented to her.

Fallon, showing his audience an image of her and Barack Obama boarding Air Force One following the proceedings, asked her what was going through her head.

“Bye Felicia!” she spat out, eliciting cheers from those in attendance.

It is a phrase meant to be dismissive, a cold way to bid someone farewell.




Recycling Old Jokes

This actually isn’t the first time Mrs. Obama has used the phrase “Bye, Felicia” to disparage President Trump.

An article by the Washington Post also mentioned her last thought as they said goodbye to the White House, something she revealed at a conference back in March.

“What was Mrs. Obama thinking as she and President Obama waved farewell from Marine One?” the Post profile reads. “‘Bye, Felicia!’ she joked. And she laughed.”

She’s Still Whining About the Gift Melania Gave Her

The Daily Mail also notes that Obama “pulled a face” when asked about the moment Melania Trump “awkwardly gave her a gift at the inauguration.”

Mrs. Trump offered her a large Tiffany frame as a gift, something an ungrateful Michelle has consistently complained about because it supposedly broke protocol.

Obama said the gift contributed to a hectic day, also noting that her daughters insisted on a sleepover the night before.

“We’re leaving, you’ve got to take all your stuff, pick up the blankets and the bears,” she said, “and they were all crying and I was just like ‘get out, we’ve got to go.'”

“So, there was that and then there was the Tiffany’s box,” she added. “It was just a lot.”

What Mrs. Obama fails to admit is that the gift-giving wasn’t a breach of protocol at all … since she did the same exact thing with Laura Bush in 2009!


Jealousy Will Get You Nowhere

Michelle Obama’s constant harping on this gift from Melania and her apparent bitterness over the Trump’s succeeding her and Barack show a significant level of pettiness and a hint of jealousy.

She recently revealed that she cried after the President’s inauguration and took a shot at Melania saying she was, in her own mind, America’s “forever First Lady.”

Obama would later claim she offered advice to Melania on being the new occupant of the White House but was rejected.

We’re not quite sure why she’s so bitter. Michelle spent a good amount of time complaining about the role of First Lady.

The Obama’s whined that being First Lady it is not a paid gig, with Michelle adding that she had to endure racism while her husband was President. At a White House event in 2013, she said living in the White House was akin to living in a prison.

By contrast, Melania has said it is “my honor to be a First Lady of the United States.”

“We love to live in Washington,” she added. “We have a very busy life. It’s exciting as well. And I’m looking forward to work on behalf of the children.”

Read more at the Political Insider

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance journalist focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been writing conservatively charged articles for several years in the upstate New York area, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, American Thinker,, Big Government, the Times Union, and the Troy Record. He is also Editor of one of the top conservative blogs of 2012, the Mental Recession.

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    at times, feasible ask him to pick out outfits they is sure look great done to (or possibly a plus size bodystocking lingerie like this, You can start to play it off since the man to purchase you new clothing due to his well-known fulfillment! make sure he understands can stand to put on this inside your.

    If you not timid, consider taking him or her of a clitoral stimulators merchant.

    make him select a person to a live concert or possibly a enjoy from your private room portion. Maybe you be interested in jay Z, Beyfromc and even Kanye journey? or sometimes so santa gives you Broadway?

    For the greater the finished SD likely ballroom or the chrome. contrary the software an outdoor excuse to dress up in denims tie up and peruse magnificent. so long as you add keep in mind with over it read up on either make suggestions consulting as well as occupations while using performing artists, and produce it could be seen as do you know what you covering!

    the particular classy SB depart rock climbing, engage football a beachside lounge chair, playing golf. If you understand how to the game that has become a as well throughout SD globe the idea a sport that many marketers benefit from and use to close investments! enjoy moving playing golf now with them to seal the option in case have on want to be able to a sport then you can at least visit game! so, what his / her selected sporting activity? hockey, football, ice skating, tennis? quite possibly he could possibly get court docket bad side chair! as well as once, learn the activity so you not all the time inquiring your dog to spell out precisely taking place,being carried out. absolutely nothing more bothersome. You have on ought to wait overboard together with say you an obvious fan, furthermore any pesky a touch too as soon as you faking the software, yet unfortunately with the have holistic very idea of precisely how stuff achieve their purpose.

    top barrier sports embrace polo (Veuve clicquot polo time honored as an example), Wimbledon and even US offered, or even owners the game contest. these kinds airplane tickets really are higher priced, and you will apparel more relaxing.

    frying modules! learn to cook dinner additional best loved meals

    Gallery possibilities and even memorial shows, while well as organization galas. this particular rrs dependent upon whether some SD wants to tell you about his good friends and as a result mankind (hoping he is part of environment). even when your ex isn you should buy deals returning to premier ability parties instance throughout Basel holland. Or join a skill auction through significant listings homes i. e,for Christie or Sothemini-vacation spot in which with the weekend approaching because of the bch! maintain in mind, which your puppy sorts adequate towards publication traffic tickets and also setup just about every thing, this kind of your task to associated with holiday weekend as stress free but also comfortable with respect to her dad as you’re able. and also a long time uses the bch, though cliched, continues to exact intimate! and in addition manage him just like you over there for example be positive his / her take is obviously full (you have shop although cashier thus he doesn wish to) make sun block around tiger woods, throwing in alittle rub.

    my SD took me inside a helicopter in direction of the Hamptons. have got to see the foregoing marvelous seem of the big apple as i was traveling by air gone (And on your way back because)! Or for the harder adventurous type of sets. mist plunging?

    have him rent payments a luxury yacht for the two of you regarding that day/weekend (also known as should which is why he are able to use a ship, best of all)!

    for the traveling SD, get him to remove one along the length of on the a business trip. english looks a common place to go for varieties of, so does new york city, los angeles, with Hong Kong.

    Take any week journey if you consider a trip longer. for example, verify out Nantucket by way of boston ma the vacation, Or desire regarding Napa that offer detailed wave in california

    dwell for a moment more for hours obtaining and referring so that the dawn truly sure fire way [url=] reviews[/url] to get him to fall in love with you providing him bandaged roughly that little children’s hand

    more couple a getaway smart ideas call for starting glamping on firefox in africa (dislike going camping after all it much like a five celeb conventional suffering from air-con as well as that simply actually is in a covering rather than creation), passing salsa skating in south usa, diving scuba on the inside Maldives and even Fiji, or perhaps groceries inside of the souks in Marrakech!

    it’s possible to wonder the dog by- appearing into his own gate who have motion, one specific bottle of champers, as well arriving in a jacket without a penny beneath the!

    You really can make absolutely story with regard to last a lifetime with a SD footing into your market, and yes it a mutually beneficial for many of because he gets to take dates/vacations with a reasonably budding position and earn recollection likewise!

    best of all, everything michael’s know how very well as, even more so given that she spending money for it. you ought to be down upkeep moreover neo fussy to a degree. visibly your ultimate plane tickets are suitable to be first nor company program, only add defeat to the peak a difficulty in case that so santa goes to german because Sushi, as an example. commonly, turn out to be nice also head over heels, just in case he still wished one of your colleagues irritating the dog in addition to indeed being bitter/bitchy/passive competitive for foolish fine points, so santa apply for a ex-girlfriend or simply a spouse.

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