Michelle Obama Praised For Honoring Special Olympics at Espy Awards – Does Nobody Remember THIS?

Former First Lady Michelle Obama received universal praise and adoration when she appeared at this week’s ESPY Awards and posthumously presented the Arthur Ashe Courage award to Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder of the Special Olympics.

The media could hardly contain their excitement over Obama’s appearance.

Jezebel thanked her for appearing “as always, for the greater good,” before admitting “we miss you.”

The Inquisitr played the role of fashion sycophants, drooling over her “stunning” outfit before swooning that “she had to wait for several moments to allow the applause to die down before delivering her tribute.”

And of course, the crowd at the ESPY Awards themselves delivered their own bit of fawning.

Via the Hill:

Former first lady Michelle Obama was greeted by a standing ovation when she honored the late Eunice Shriver at the ESPYs on Wednesday night.

“I am here tonight to honor a remarkable woman. A woman who believed everyone has something to contribute and everyone deserves to push themselves to find out what they’re made of and to compete and win,” the former first lady said, honoring Special Olympics founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

The hypocrisy is amazing.

Nowhere in any of these reports does it mention that her husband, former president Barack Obama, once mocked Special Olympians as being bad at sports – specifically bowling.

@MichelleObama handing out Arthur Ashe Courage award to founder of Special Olympics.

What, @BarackObama wasn’t available? #ESPYS pic.twitter.com/kW3z440hkF

— The Mental Recession (@rustyweiss74) July 13, 2017


Do these Obama fans in the media have a very bad memory, or do they just conveniently forget about moments that reflect poorly on the Obamas?

Barack had appeared on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jay Leno in 2009 and joked that a recent 129 he scored in the White House bowling alley had been “like Special Olympics, or something.”



Take a look at how biased our media – They wouldn’t even provide a passing mention of Obama’s previous mockery of the Special Olympics.

If you do a Google search of “michelle obama special olympics” in the news category, you’ll be presented with numerous articles mentioning last night’s ESPY awards.

Page after page of coverage …


Within 12 hours, there were six pages of results within the time frame since the ESPYs aired. At 10 posts per page, we’re talking 60 news articles about Michelle Obama’s appearance.

Now add the word “bowling” to the search and you get exactly one article that mention’s president Obama’s ill-advised comments.


Only NewsBusters, a site dedicated to “exposing and combating liberal media bias,” took the time to note that Michelle’s husband once mocked the very people she was honoring at the awards ceremony.

Now you tell me – If Melania Trump were honoring the Special Olympics, would there be a single, solitary media outlet that didn’t mention that one time President Trump allegedly mocked a disabled reporter?

Of course not. It would be in the lead paragraph of very piece.

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