The Obama narcissism tour continues unabated.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama reiterated the fact that she has no intentions of running for President in 2020, but doesn’t lack any confidence that she possesses some wonderful qualifications to do so best netflix movies to download.

Obama was all about how great she is during a speech at the 39th annual Simmons Leadership Conference.

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In fact, it’s not that she couldn’t win the presidency, it’s that she just doesn’t want it western romane kostenlosen.

“The reason why I don’t want to run for president, I can’t speak for Oprah, but my sense is that first of all you have to want the job,” she said ark extinction dinos herunterladen.

“I have never had the passion for politics,” she added.

It’s the following comments, however, which will surely draw a bit of laughter from Obama’s detractors medal of honor vollversion kostenlos downloaden. The former First Lady, you see, believes that just because she can give “a good speech” and that she’s “smart and intelligent” doesn’t mean she’s the right person for the job sky go herunterladen nicht möglich.


“Just because I gave a good speech, I’m smart and intelligent doesn’t mean I should be the next president,” she said microsoft iso dateien herunterladen. “That’s been our problem. We’re very shortsighted about how we think about selecting the commander in chief.”

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Obama also indicated another reason why she wouldn’t want to go back to the White House – she hated it there the first time around ps2 spiele herunterladen.

“I just happened to be married to somebody who had the passion for politics,” she lamented. “And he drug me kicking and screaming into this arena.”


She probably didn’t want to get into politics because she had never been proud of her country before Barack alte automatenspiele kostenlos downloaden vollversion. Oh, and also the racism she had to endure.

This past summer, Obama claimed that after “working really hard for this country,” there were still people “who won’t see me for what I am because of my skin color.”

Regardless of her reasoning, Mrs ndr videos downloaden. Obama repeated that she does not want to lead America.

“You have to want the job,” she said. “And you can’t just say, ‘you’re a woman, run.’”

Why not? It worked out well for Hillary in 2016.

Is Michelle Obama as smart and intelligent as she thinks she is? Share your thoughts below!