Michelle Malkin Explains What Electors Voting Against Trump REALLY Are

Conservative columnist and CRTV investigative journalist Michelle Malkin offered a sharp rebuke of those electors thinking about abandoning the vote and will of the American people by dumping Donald Trump, calling them “traitors.”

Malkin appeared with Fox News Sean Hannity to discuss recent efforts by electors to undermine Trump by identifying as “faithless electors.”

“I really pity these people,” she said.

Malkin said the rogue electors “fashion themselves some sort of constitutional heroes by naming themselves after Hamilton.”

“These are not heroes, they’re zeroes.” she claims. “These are not ‘faithless electors, they are feckless electors.”

That’s when she really went to work on them.

“They’re traitors, they’re saboteurs and this is their last stand of self-indulgence,” the fiery Malkin charged.


Via Mediaite:

Michelle Malkin had some strong words on Fox News tonight for any electors going against Donald Trump.

She told Sean Hannity that clearly a lot of liberals are “still suffering from post-election trauma,” saying she has more pity than anger for them at this point.

But as for any electors planning on going against Trump, Malkin had this to say:

“These are not heroes, these are zeroes. They’re not faithless electors, these are feckless electors. They’re traitors, they’re saboteurs, and this is their last stand of self-indulgence.”

A federal judge recently issued a stern warning to the would-be traitors, should they vote for someone other than who they are required to elect Dec. 19

“If you take an oath of office and then immediately violate it, that should have consequences,” she stated.

In the end, Malkin summed up the continuing efforts by liberals to plot and scheme ways in which to delgitimize the Trump presidency as only she can.

“Apparently our friends on the left are still suffering from post-election trauma,” Malkin teased. “We need to call 911 and call the whambulance.”

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