It’s not exactly a “Let’s Move” campaign, but it’s about as close to one as Michael Moore is ever going to get.

Moore pushed away from the buffet table long enough to make an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Thursday night, imploring members of the Trump ‘resistance’ to get active candy crush saga zum herunterladen.

Irony abounded as the film director ticked off several examples of how anti-Trumpers could mobilize in the fight against the President.

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“Get off the couch,” “rise up,” and “put our bodies on the line,” Moore insisted, unaware that he’s done none of these things in recent memory herunterladen.


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Moore described the segment with Colbert as emotional, citing the obvious despair many liberals have felt as they watch Trump’s approval ratings rise, along with suffering several major setbacks in the Supreme Court this week, culminating in the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy russische kinderlieder kostenlosen.

So, how will they fight back? By lining up behind the rotund filmmaker urging them to stop sulking and being lazy naturally!

“The despair that I have in going forward and making this movie is when are people going to get off the couch and when are we going to rise up?” he asked while sitting on a plush chair across from Colbert motorrad spiele kostenlos downloaden.

“And I’m telling you folks, to answer your question, the end game sadly is going to be Trump is not going to leave, he plans to be re-elected, he loves the term ‘president for life,'” Moore lamented whatsapp video herunterladen geht nicht.

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“The only way that we’re going to stop this is eventually we’re all going to have to put our bodies on the line.”


Conservative actor James Woods, as he is known to do, offered the perfect retort to Moore’s ‘bodies’ line herunterladen.

“Yours is probably enough,” he wrote.


For Moore’s part, his latest attempts to “get off the couch” have been many, but yielding little success.

He produced a website called ‘Trumpileaks,’ a site allowing “patriotic Americans” to anonymously notify Moore and his team of “crimes, breaches of public trust and misconduct committed by Donald J. Trump.”

Thus far, nothing has come of that.

Then, of course, there was his failed Broadway show, “The Terms of My Surrender,” billed as a one-man attempt to bring down the president.

Now Moore is putting his body on the line by producing a film titled “Fahrenheit 11/9,” about Trump’s presidential election, which was originally announced by Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein won’t be rising up anywhere for quite a while, having been arrested on rape charges.

Moore’s ‘rise up’ campaign isn’t exactly batting 1.000.

By all means, we encourage Moore’s followers to get off the couch and do something. Maybe even get a job. Of course, the problem with that is, working would mean the unemployment rate would drop even further than it already has under President Trump.

It’s a bit of a double-edged sword.

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