Mexican Crowd Stuns America During Playing of National Anthem

Despite speculation that America’s national anthem might get a frosty reception when the NFL played their Monday Night Game in Mexico City this week, fans in the stadium “could not have been more respectful and applauded quite warmly,” according to an ESPN analyst.

“There has been speculation in the days leading up to the game whether or not the United States national anthem might be booed by the Mexican crowd,” the commentator said.

He cited “tension that exists in relations between the United States and Mexico right now as a by-product of our presidential election in the United States.”

All for naught, as the crowd in Mexico City was more respectful than some of America’s own NFL players …


That had to be a major disappointment for the American media, who had been openly hoping the Mexican crowd would boo the national anthem.

USA Today, for example, covered a handful of people that said they would boo the national anthem prior to the game, but ended up clearly being in the minority.

One of the campaign platforms for Donald Trump was that America had lost respect in world-standing due to failed leadership under President Obama.

During his campaign, Trump said that neither our allies or our rivals “take us seriously anymore.”

“The truth is they don’t respect us,” Trump claimed.

Maybe on some small level, the crowd in Mexico City is showing us that the level of respect between America and Mexico can indeed make a comeback under President Trump.

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