Metaphor Alert: Hillary Campaign Bus Dumps Raw Sewage on Small Town America

Pardon our French, but it appears the Clinton-Kaine campaign literally just crapped all over small town America.

Let us explain.

A Democratic party campaign bus featuring the image of a smiling and waving Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Tim Kaine, pulled over on a small town road in Georgia and inexplicably dumped raw sewage all over the place.

We wish we were making that up, but alas …

Via 11 Alive:

Hazmat crews in Gwinnett County were called to clean up waste left behind by a Democratic Party campaign bus.

According to a Lawrenceville Police Department report, officers were called to the O’Reilly Auto Parts at 525 Grayson Highway after receiving reports that an RV was illegally dumping its sewage into the storm drain.

An employee of the auto parts store told the responding officer that he watched the RV stop in the turn lane of Grayson Highway in front of the store and spill raw sewage onto the roadway and into the storm drain. Pictures taken by the store employee showed that the RV featured pictures of Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine.

The officer stated that a large amount of drying toilet paper was on the roadway where the RV had been and a “foul smell” was left in the air.

To be honest, with the stench of corruption in her wake, Team Hillary typically leaves a ‘foul smell’ wherever they travel. They don’t really seem to mind it though …


The community certainly won’t like it very much, as Hazmat teams had to declare the area a biohazard.

So much for marching forward together on the environment.

Regardless, whoever was operating that bus is in some deep … well, nevermind.

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