We are but infants in the blogging game.  But we’re celebrating anyway!

Two years ago today, we started this blog with one very loud opinionated blogger and three followers historische wetterdaten kostenlos. Today, we still have that loud blogger, but we’ve expanded to about four followers – Thank you Mom!  (Dad, seriously, could you at least consider following?)

But that isn’t about to dampen our spirits here at the Mental Recession, as we celebrate our 2-year Blogiversary saw spiel pc kostenlos downloaden.  Thus far, we’ve posted exactly 1,564 times during that span, and received over 892,000 pageviews, an average of over 37,000 per month.

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We were even bestowed the honor of being named to Right Wing News list of Best Conservative Blogs of 2012 fotoalbum kostenlos herunterladen.

Most importantly, we’ve had a lot of fun doing this.  And we hope you have too.  Please consider hitting the ‘Donate’ button on the right side of the page, and help support this site – we badly need some upgrades to keep expanding bildbearbeitungsprogramm für mac kostenlos downloaden.


Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Posts of 2013 for the Mental Recession…

Trending: Tucker Slams Barack Obama As “One of the Sleaziest” Political Figures After John Lewis Eulogy

10)    Iraq War Hero First to be Charged Under New York Gun Law

9)     Democrats Plan to Pay Second Amendment Protesters Gets Shot Down

8)     New York State Offering $500 to People Who Snitch on Gun Owners

7)     New York Has Lost Nearly $50 Billion Due to Residents Leaving for Lower-Tax States

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6)     NPR Journalist: Boston Terrorist Attack Likely Right-Wingers Celebrating Columbine or Hitler’s Birthday

5)     Upstate Democrat to Gun Supporters: You’re All a Bunch of “Gun-Toting Tea Party Psychotards”

4)     Cuomo to State Sheriffs: Shut Up About Gun Law or Risk Termination

3)     Gun Confiscation Notices Go Out in New York

2)     What Was Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson Doing When He Was Suspended herunterladen?

1)     Unreal – One of Bloomberg’s ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ Arrested For Trying to Force Man to Have Sex With Him … at Gunpoint

Here are the top 10 referring sites for the Mental Recession this past year…

10)    Weasel Zippers

9)     Patriot Outdoor News

8)     AR-15

7)     Doug Ross

6)     Ace of Spades

5)     Bad Blue

4)     Liberty News

3)     NewsBusters

2)     Free Republic

1)     Jeff Rense

And special thanks to the following people for either helping to promote some of the work done here at The Mental Recession, or for providing advice and inspiration in continuing on this path…

Kristina RibaliFreedomWorksTabitha HaleMichelle MalkinDoug RossAnita MonCriefAll-American Blogger – Duane Lester, Tucker CarlsonJohn BrodiganSmitty and the Other McCainNice DebSarah RumpfNewsBusters, the Daily Caller, and many, many more…

Thanks, and we hope to see you here at this same time next year write program for free to download!