Let’s celebrate!

Five years ago today, we started this blog with one very loud opinionated blogger and three followers. Today, we still have that loud blogger, but we’ve expanded to about four followers – Thank you Dad!

Here at the Mental Recession, we are celebrating our five-year Blogiversary. Thus far, we’ve posted exactly 3,610 times during that span, which averages out to 722 posts per year, 60 posts per month, and about 13 posts per week.

That’s a lot of rambling.

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Most importantly, we’ve had a lot of fun doing this, and hope you have too.  Please consider hitting the ‘Donate’ button on the top left side of the page, and help support this site – we badly need some upgrades to keep expanding.

Special thanks to the following people for either helping to promote some of the work done here at The Mental Recession, or for providing advice and inspiration in continuing on this path…

Matt Naugle, Martha Jackson, Shauna Schatz, James Dellinger, Jared Vallorani, Ted Slater, Kristina RibaliTabitha HaleMichelle MalkinDoug RossAnita MonCriefTucker CarlsonJohn BrodiganNice DebSarah Rumpf, Professor William JacobsonJeff DunetzThe Political InsiderHeadline PoliticsNewsBusters, the Daily Caller, and many, many more…

And many special thanks to my wife and kids who put up with me nearly everyday as we make this project go forward.

Thanks, and we hope to see you here at this same time next year!