Megyn Kelly Has Just 6 Words for Former Black Panther Leader Wants ‘Cops in Caskets!’

For some odd reason, Fox News host Megyn Kelly decided to debate one of the most extreme activists on the planet yesterday evening, President of Black Lawyers for Justice and former New Black Panthers leader, Malik Shabazz.

Shabazz should never – NEVER – be given a platform to speak on any respectable network.

Perhaps it was simply to showcase his ignorance, as Kelly intellectually destroyed Shabazz in the intense debate, which devolved at one point into his referring to the host as a “white supremacist.”

After picking apart the usual Black Lives Matter rhetoric involving Michael Brown and the Ferguson shooting, Kelly concluded what was obvious from the start – “So, there’s no reasoning with you,” she told Shabazz.

Ya think?

Check out the fiery exchange below …

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Via Fox News Insider:

When he mentioned Michael Brown, Kelly interjected, saying that Brown was the aggressor.

“Do you understand that at least five black witnesses came forward in that case to say that Michael Brown was the aggressor on Officer Darren Wilson?” Kelly asked.

Shabazz said Brown was unarmed, causing Kelly to reply, “He was unarmed until he tried to steal the cop’s gun.”

Shabazz then said Kelly’s “attitude is part of the problem.”

“I have no attitude but to uphold the truth,” Kelly said.

Shabazz said that Kelly held a position of “white supremacy, white privilege,” which blamed unarmed black men for shooting deaths by cops.

“For the record, I’m not a white supremacist,” Kelly said, with a laugh.

Shabazz also said he didn’t agree that some police shootings were justified.

It’s far worse than simply being ignorant and assuming all police shootings are unjustified with Shabazz.

At an event held in the summer of 2000 called the ‘Redeem the Dream’ rally, Shabazz told crowd in Washington, D.C., to ‘unite against a common enemy’ in the police.

He presciently added, “When we see caskets rolling and funerals in the black community … we will see caskets and funerals in the community of our enemy.”

Any idea who hosted the event in which Shabazz called for police officers in caskets? The ‘reverend’ Al Sharpton, of course!


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