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Megyn Kelly: Biden’s Call for Unity Is ‘Nonsense’; the Left Has ‘Awakened a Sleeping Giant’

Do you support Joe Biden as president?


“We’re not gonna unite,” Kelly said. “It’s all nonsense. I like a good inauguration and a good speech just as much as anybody and I feel patriotic whenever I witness them and I root for the president and I root for America in the way that you described.”


Rush Transcript:

Okay here’s what we can all start to expect starting today the former combative media over the past four years suddenly almost magically become very friendly with the office of the president they don’t I’m where did I put those questions CNN today pulled Jim Acosta from the White House beat and assigned him elsewhere why would you do that could it be that your combatic theatrics and your monologues disguised I guess as questions are no longer needed in the White House npr refused to cover the Hunter Biden laptop story but they certainly didn’t miss the opportunity recently to write a hard-hitting piece on the inauguration of Joe Biden’s German shepherd Melania Trump is probably the most beautiful first lady she was a freaking runway model but no you didn’t hear that she didn’t they didn’t even have her on the cover of any magazine it’s interesting today how usa today has started a style diary for dr jill and don’t even get me started on jane Pauley’s fawning interview with Kamala Harris kamala harris on cbs Sunday morning topics covered included the hard-hitting dive into her sneakers as well as a declaration that if quote it might seem as though Kamala Harris was born for this moment in history wow well how many times did we hear that about Donald Trump melania or Mike Pence joining me now is the hard-hitting truth telling megan Kelly from the megan Kelly poD.C.ast which I listen to all the time and love hello megan how are you hi glenn uh preach that’s all I can say listen to your opening monologue and preach well done and well said um how do we how can we possibly come together when it appears as though CNN is leading the charge and leading the call to silence Fox News max aon uh probably you us all of talk radio how can we possibly unite

“We’re not gonna unite. It’s all nonsense. I like a good inauguration and a good speech just as much as anybody and I feel patriotic whenever I witness them and I root for the president and I root for America in the way that you described.”

“But unity is fool’s gold you know we it wasn’t too long ago we had a very dynamic president take office on hope and change and there is no red state America there’s no blue state it’s nonsense even if they genuinely mean it um they don’t change Washington washington change changes them and Joe Biden is Washington he’s been there for 50 years I’m sure he will lower the temperature good I like that good let’s lower the temperature we don’t need crazy incendiary rhetoric and tweets every day it may be fun to cover as a news matter but the country it will be better off to not have that happening but what’s happening substantively is worth fighting over and it’s not going to go away just because he gave a nice speech right I I mean I I’m sorry I vehemently disagree with your arguments and you know I I wish I felt as though the uh Democratic Party actually felt the way that I felt during the inauguration today I saw the flags I I loved lady gaga’s rendition of the star-spangled banner I felt patriotic and proud but those are the same people who are saying take a knee America is racist the flag is a symbol of oppression and the and the media is going to make my head explode I mean okay so 100 right on all counts number one they’re the same people who are telling you that you have no right to object if your minor child wants to go get cross-gender hormones during the middle of the day leaving school grounds to go get testosterone so she can go from female to male without you knowing and if you want to object where’s your unity come on we’re supposed to pull together well I will object I will protect my family and what I think is right over Joe Biden’s need for unity which is false anyway unified behind my agenda is not a real call for unity there’s not going to be any concessions just look at what he’s doing with the proposed amnesty that he’s pushing right now legalization for 11 million people who are here undocumented and no carrots for the republicans not even a nod to border security which is what we’ve seen in the past why because he doesn’t care about unity he cares about his agenda okay point number two the media it’s not just CNN I mean they’re oh I know I don’t I think they’re the worst it’s hard to judge but MSNBC tonight nicole wallace you know their fake republican um the person who brought us Sarah Palin and and seems to be feeling a need to atone ever since for what she considers her sin um is over there saying that people that that republicans should not be allowed to speak until they acknowledge the truth that they should be banned I wrote it down that they should be banned because fake news has the potential to kill people fake news has the potential you know what nicole wallace I agree I agree like when you your network and CNN and the Washington post and espn reported that Jacob Blake was unarmed when he was shot by a police officer in kenosha Wisconsin and you refused to let the facts play out even though there were initial reports he was armed and anybody who tried to claim wait a minute hold on their reports got shamed on the internet for being a racist and then the news came out that not only was he not armed he admitted it and then we saw him admit it on camera with Michael Strahan of abc news and what happened with the Washington post they tweeted out unarmed Jacob Blake only later were they forced to take it down MSNBC after after that still had an opinion piece up on its website saying unarmed so let’s talk nicole wallace about misinformation lies that lead to deaths which is what we saw in kenosha so I talked to Alan Dershowitz today on my program and uh I said alan you’ve seen this before have you seen this before he said 1950s mccarthyism he said but we got past that because eventually uh he you know was no longer in office and I said to alan but it’s not him this time it’s not one person it’s it’s not even a small group it’s it’s seemingly all throughout the power structure so the theme of the show tonight megan is how we stand and save America how do we do that against all of the forces that seem to be in lockstep now megan if you can give us some thoughts on how do we save America how do we fight against this glenn you and I were both at Fox News after obamacare was rammed down the throats of the American people with only with less than majority support and you remember the arlen specter town hall where the woman stood up and said you have awakened a sleeping giant and I think we’re at another you have awakened a sleeping giant moment the silent majority can be silent no more people must speak out and if you won’t do it for your own sake do it for the sake of your children when your company comes to you and tells you you have to sit in a corporate seminar telling you you’re a white supremacist by virtue of an immutable characteristic something over which you had no control which the law does not allow the federal government or or even private industry in some instances to stigmatize and use against you get a lawyer first of all speak up for yourself and have a lawyer ready and legal groups are forming right now to help you I know because I’m I’m consulting on some of them when your school tries to do this to your child and let’s your child a shames your child because of his or her skin color and so’s division where there was none between these little ones or or allows your child to leave school grounds to go across gender hormones like I said before without telling you allows your kid to to dress as as the opposite sex for two years without ever telling you saying your rights end at the schoolhouse door get a lawyer get a lawyer that’s not lawful and until we start challenging these things in the courtrooms and in the court of public opinion you you gotta pressure your city councilman to make sure what how are you going to vote in these issues because there are a lot of parents out there and people out there who don’t believe in this kind of thing and and shame people into standing up for true equality and diversity of thought and kindness universal kindness the answer to racism is not more racism and and by the way the other thing we need to do is women who have been shamed into not protecting other women by trans activists who do not speak for the trans community the trans community generally wants to transition and be left alone they don’t want to to be shaming the the members of the group to which they’ve transitioned into silence so women need to grow a backbone and take a risk like jk rowling did and I realize it’s scary when you don’t have her financial security but we’re gonna get legal groups and we’re gonna start speaking out and there is safety in numbers megan Kelly this is why I never feel alone when I listen to your poD.C.ast thank you for um sharing your thoughts with us tonight my pleasure”

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