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Meghan McCain: If Biden Picks a Woman, Trump Will Replace Pence with Nikki Haley

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GOLDBERG: “As Joe Biden looks more and more like the Democratic nominee, there’s a lot of speculation over who he’ll pick as his vice president. Stacey Abrams, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar have been mentioned. I don’t know. What do you think? Who is it?”

McCAIN: “There’s a smorgasbord of people to pick from.”

GOLDBERG: “There is.”

McCAIN: “It’s not like he’s going to have a low amount of a people to choose from. It will be huge. A lot of capable, interesting candidates.”


BEHAR: “He should pick a woman, I think. Don’t you?”

HOSTIN:” Yes, absolutely.”

BEHAR: “A white, Latino or black woman, either one I think would work, but it has to be a woman.”

HOSTIN: “I agree. He does well with African-American voters of course, although people are talking about Stacey Abrams and Kamala Harris. But when you talk about a woman, there has been so much research done. I know there is a woman out of Georgetown that did some research, when you have women legislators, they propose more bills, they propose more policy changes, they just get the work done. So I think that would be really helpful to his ticket.

McCAIN: “I still think, though, that if he chooses a woman, then Trump is going to kick Pence out and put in Nikki Haley. Because I think they’ll go toe for toe and they’ll be like, ‘You want to identity politics me? I’ll identity politics you.’ I think they’re gangster.”

BEHAR: “Trump’s luck is changing right now and Pence is starting to look good. So I don’t know if the party would like that, to take Pence out.

McCAIN:” I think they would. They need the win.”

BEHAR: “He’s just proving he can do the job.

McCAIN: “It’s amazing you’re such a Mike Pence fan.”

BEHAR: “I’m not a big fan of the whole Republican Party right now at all, because it’s the Trump party.”

McCAIN: “Only today?”

BEHAR: “Because Pence has proven that he’s capable of handling —“

GOLDBERG: “He said two things that she likes, so she’s happy with him today.”

BEHAR: “Let me put it this way. Compared to Trump, he seems like he’s in MENSA.”

GOLDBERG: “You know who he should pick, but he won’t?”

McCAIN: “You want Stacey Abrams, I know.”

GOLDBERG: “I do, but the person that he actually should pick —“

BEHAR: “Who?”

McCAIN: “Michelle Obama, that’s your favorite?”

GOLDBERG: “No, no, no.”

BEHAR: “A man or a woman?”

GOLDBERG: “A woman.”

BEHAR: “Michelle — not Michelle.”

McCAIN: “Is she in office?”

GOLDBERG: “She is not.”

BEHAR: “Is she bigger than a bread box?”


McCAIN: “What’s a bread box?”

GOLDBERG: “It’s a place — in the olden days, that’s where we used to put — the person who really is qualified to do it, and he cannot pick her, Hillary Clinton.”

BEHAR: “Oh, Hillary Clinton.”

GOLDBERG: “For VP. I’m just saying.”

McCAIN: “I think people —“

GOLDBERG: “In terms of qualifications. She is — she would be brilliant because of all of the backlash. Was it you or you who told me I should watch the Hilary documentary?”

HOSTIN:” I just finished watching it and it is spectacular.”

GOLDBERG: “I forgot. I forgot. On Hulu.”

HOSTIN: “It was spectacular.”

McCAIN: “It was intense. It was intense.”

HOSTIN: “It goes to show you not only her qualifications, but who she really is, and how she has been so misread by so many people.”

BEHAR: “Yeah.”

HOSTIN: “And so misjudged and really just sort of, you know, the sins of her husband have just been imputed to her over and over and over again.”

GOLDBERG: “It’s not just that. It was the fact she did not conform. You know, what I forgot about was the beginning of their tenure in Arkansas.”

HOSTIN: “Yes. Yes.”

GOLDBERG: “She was sort of working side by side with him, and they were, like, you know you’re not supposed to be doing that, right. You need to get in the corner. She was, like, I have never been in the corner. You it can’t put baby in the corner.”

HOSTIN: “ Even her transformation as a student or a young lawyer.”

BEHAR: “It’s not going to happen. It’s not if I going to happen.”

GOLDBERG: “I know. It’s interesting.”

McCAIN: “It’s a documentary worth watching.”

BEHAR: “She could be Secretary of State again, right?”

McCAIN: “I doubt it. There are moments in it where you think that even the things she said in 1990 that were controversial would still be controversial now, and her moment — I don’t remember it. Her saying women who stay at home — I chose not to say at home and make tea and cookies.”

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance journalist focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been writing conservatively charged articles for several years in the upstate New York area, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, American Thinker,, Big Government, the Times Union, and the Troy Record. He is also Editor of one of the top conservative blogs of 2012, the Mental Recession.

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