Media Outraged Trump Said He Might Not Accept Election Results, Something Dems Did in 2000

The selective outrage machine of the Democrat Party and the liberal media are at it again.

At this week’s debate, Republican Donald Trump refused to simply pledge acceptance of the election results, instead indicating he “will look at it at the time.”

Naturally, Democrats have pounced on that “refusal” to accept the results as un-American. Democrat Hillary Clinton responded by calling Trump’s statements “horrifying,” adding that as a nation of free and fair elections, “we’ve accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them.”

This is patently false.

After the 2000 contest against George W. Bush, Democrat Al Gore refused to accept the free and fair election results and would not concede defeat. He instead tied up the election process through litigation in the courts for months.

Gore consistently lost his bid to overturn the election results in the lower courts and kept fighting in the Florida Supreme Court.

Speaking from the White House the week after having lost the general election, Gore explained why he refused to concede the race:

“The effort that I have underway is simply to make sure that all of the votes are counted, and when the issues that are now being considered in the Florida Supreme Court are decided, that will be an important point. But I don’t want to speculate what the court will do.”



Gore would finally concede the election results in mid-December of that year.

“I think it’s the height of hypocrisy for Democrats now to get all upset that Donald Trump said that when it was their Democrat Al Gore who conceded the election on election day…took it back because it was too close,” former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani explained. “Then we waited two months for the Supreme Court to decide it, so we could have an accurate election.”

Further, Democrats refused to accept these election results years after their defeat. It was an underlying basis for their vitriol and hatred towards President George W. Bush throughout his presidency – they would never accept the legitimacy of his victory.

In 2014, former President Jimmy Carter insisted that Bush did not win the election over Gore in 2000.

“I don’t think that George W. Bush won the election in 2000 against Al Gore because I think that he probably lost Florida, and also nationwide,” he said in an interview.

The Associated Press this past summer attempted to rewrite history and sell the American people on the debunked notion that Gore would have won the election had ‘undervotes’ been counted. Even a CNN report shatters that myth, having conducted their own media and academic study which concluded “the recount studies show Bush would have most likely won the Florida statewide hand recount of all undervotes.”

“This goes against the belief that the U.S. Supreme Court handed the presidency to Bush, or took it away from Gore,” CNN concluded.

In trying to find examples of Democrats not accepting election results however, one only has to go back a single week to hear it from the man himself, Al Gore.

The scorned Democrat appeared at a campaign rally for Clinton in a small college gymnasium, and his message was specifically aimed at urging everyone to vote based on the premise that the 2000 election had been stolen from him.

“Your vote really, really, really counts,” Gore said. “You can consider me as an exhibit A of that. For those of you who are younger than 25 you might not remember the election of 2000 and what happened here in Florida. For those of you older than 25, I heard you murmuring just now, but take it from me it was a very close election.”

It’s clear that even today, nearly two decades after the fact, that Democrats can’t get past what happened in 2000. Bush won the election, period, and they just can’t accept those results.

Cross-posted at the Political Insider

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