Media Outlet Photoshops Audience at Hillary Rally to Make It Look Bigger

On Monday, Hillary Clinton held a rally in St. Petersburg, Fla., at a venue that holds about 4,000 people. According to a post at the Conservative Treehouse, the door count indicated that only 171 people showed up. But The Hill — a political media outlet that swings both left and right — issued a tweet making it appear as though many thousands were in attendance.

WATCH LIVE: Clinton holds Fla. rally after major Trump speech

— The Hill (@thehill) August 8, 2016


If that photo looks “odd,” it should. It doesn’t even begin to match what the actual venue looked like. The image was actually a photoshopped composite of multiple rally photos to give the false impression that the event was standing-room only.

Here’s for the purposes of comparison is the actual venue:


Here’s a video of the Clinton event courtesy of Vine:


As you can see from the following tweet by Shepard Smith of Fox News, Clinton’s outfit doesn’t match the grayish numbers she is seen wearing in the Hill photograph. Since this second image doesn’t show the crowd size, feel free to draw your own conclusions about which media outlet is fudging it.


It is understandable that liberal news sources want to portray the Democratic nominee in the most favorable possible light. But when they use trickery to promote their candidate, they impeach themselves.

(HT Gateway Pundit)

Written by Joe Newby and cross-posted at Liberty Unyielding

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