Media Outlet Holds Contest to Guess New York’s Next Indicted Politician

Yet another demonstration that corruption in New York continues to make the Empire State the laughing stock of the nation.

City & State, an award-winning news team “covering government and politics in New York,” is hosting a competition in which their readers have been asked to guess who will be the next indicted politician in the state.  

Because as we know, it’s a matter of when, not if.

The winner will be given a dinner for two at a Manhattan restaurant, which appropriately enough has been modeled after an actual NYPD police station.

Whether it’s bilking taxpayers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, funneling money into non-profits so that pet poodles can get spa treatments, trying to rig the New York City mayor’s race, serially harassing women and then covering it up, perpetually sexting one’s junk, or committing extensive and persistent voter fraud, New York has certainly had more than its fair share of political corruption.

The rules page for New York’s Next Indicted Elected Official Contest shows an incredible sense of humor on the part of the editors at City & State.

For instance, one can place as many entries as they desire, because “Our politicians don’t curb their excesses, why should you?”

And, as is quite obvious, the contest could be over rather quickly.

“This contest ends when the next elected official in New York State is indicted. In other words, it could be over tomorrow—or later on today, for that matter.”

With so many politicians to choose from, the field is wide open.  Could it be one of the 15 lawmakers who had cases being worked on by the Moreland Commission before Governor Cuomo had the ethics panel disbanded?

Could it be Cuomo himself, who just had his office threatened with obstruction of justice and witness tampering charges?

In Albany, anything is possible.

Watch the video announcement for the ‘guess the next indicted politician’ contest and maybe get yourself some free grub…

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