While the mainstream media continues to viciously attack President Trump and his administration, Americans continue to believe he is the answer to our nation’s biggest problems Betty bossi cookbooks download.

A new Gallup poll indicates that the American people view Trump as a strong leader, and a man who keeps his promises ernährungsplan kostenlosen.

And why wouldn’t they? In the few weeks he’s served in the White House, President Trump has issued orders sending ISIS terrorists to Gitmo, shifted counterterrorism efforts to focus on radical Islam, laid the foundation for building the wall, and tried to institute a temporary travel ban for refugees coming from terrorist hotbeds amazon prime video herunterladen pc.

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All of which were campaign promises kept.

What’s more shocking is this – after the media fawned over Barack Obama for 8 years as the hope and change President, Americans believe the real agent of change in Washington is, in fact, President Trump en sims 4 free download voor pc.

Via TheBlaze:

During the elections, polls were not kind to now President Donald Trump, but they certainly seem to be now. A new Gallup poll released today shows that most Americans view Trump as a strong leader, but even more of them believe he’s a President who keeps his promises cv downloaden van linkedin.

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According those polled, 62 percent believe that Trump “keeps his promises.” Moreover, 59 percent believe he “is a strong and decisive leader.”

Most surprisingly, over half of Americans believe Trump “can bring about the changes this country needs” at 53 percent windows 10 gratisen op usb.

During his RNC acceptance speech, candidate Trump acknowledged the need for change – from Obama, from Clinton, from Democrat policies in general ps3 spiele umsonsten.

“The problems we face now – poverty and violence at home, war and destruction abroad – will last only as long as we continue relying on the same politicians who created them,” he said herunterladen.

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“A change in leadership is required to change these outcomes.”

Now 53% – a clear majority – still, after all the negativity coming from the hysterical media, believe Trump “can bring about the changes this country needs.”

Gallup writes, “His series of executive orders and Cabinet appointments show a president who is decisive and trying to bring about change, also qualities that a majority of Americans (59% and 53%, respectively) say apply to him.”

Compared to the same poll conducted in September, that 53% rate constitutes a 13% jump for Americans in general schriftart amienne kostenlosen. Even 11% more Democrats believe he can bring about change than they did in September.

We’d like to see the media report accurately on these views held by the American people, but we wouldn’t bet on it happening herunterladen.

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