Bernie Rejects Campaign Advice From Hillary – ‘I Think Not’

Meghan McCain, co-host of ‘The View,’ asked 2020 contender Bernie Sanders if he’d be seeking advice from two-time presidential loser, Hillary Clinton.

His response was comical.

McCain began by querying the Vermont Senator on what Clinton, whom he campaigned pretty hard for in 2016, could have done differently to defeat President Trump.

Sanders, despite saying he is “not enthusiastic in going back to 2016,” noted that the former First Lady failed to campaign enough in key swing states such as Michigan and Wisconsin, and “didn’t reach out to working-class people.”

Will He Kiss the Clinton Ring?

Noting that some top presidential candidates have met with Hillary to discuss their campaign plans, McCain wondered if Sanders might do the same.

“I suspect not,” Bernie responded. “Hillary has not called me. Look, we have differences. Hillary has played a very important role in modern-American politics.”

“But you’re not interested in any advice from her?” McCain pressed.

“I think not,” Sanders said, resulting in laughter from the audience before he finished, “Hillary and I have fundamental differences.”

Asked if he would go to Hillary Clinton for advice, Bernie Sanders says, “I think not,” saying they “have fundamental differences.”

Sanders adds that he will support whoever the Democratic nominee is. “What’s most important is that Trump be defeated.”

— ABC News (@ABC) March 1, 2019


Bad Blood

While Sanders is putting on his best diplomatic face here, there is clearly some palpable bad blood between the two top Democrats.

That bad blood has been readily apparent this past week when Clinton aides mocked Sanders’ penchant for insisting on using pricey, fossil fuel-guzzling private jets to campaign for her in 2016.

A former spokesman for Sanders fired back by calling Clinton’s aides “total ingrates” and “some of the biggest a**holes in American politics.”

The entire feud generated with the 2016 election in which the DNC rigged the primary in Hillary’s favor, despite the Vermont senator’s strong show of support.

Despite all of that, Sanders insisted to Joy Behar that criticism that he helped elect Trump was unfounded, stating “I knocked my brains out working to get Hillary Clinton elected president.”

He even has “a letter someplace from Hillary Clinton thanking me for what we did,” according to Sanders.

Bernie says he has 1 million volunteers signed up for a grass-roots army. “It’ll be stronger, it will be involving more people, it will be more diverse.” @TheView

— Rick Klein (@rickklein) March 1, 2019


This time, Sanders believes he can win. If he wants to do that, perhaps the best move is to ignore advice from a woman who lost one primary election to a community organizer and another to a guy the media tried their damnedest to destroy.

She’s not exactly a winner.

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