Mazie Hirono: People in Trump’s Administration ‘Sit Around Every Single Day Thinking Up New Ways To Be Cruel’ to Migrants



HAYES: “We should say the facility where a lot of this detention is happening is in Dilley, Texas, it is somewhat notorious, family detention was done under the Obama Administration and subcontracted to a private contractor that runs it. One headline in 2015. Recently another mother who had been there testified about her baby daughter dying of illness after being there. You’ve been to Dilley. What do you think about the conditions there?”

HIRONO: “Not good. These families should not be detained. Thousands and thousands of migrant families being detained doing irreparable harm to children. I can’t forget when I was there, a little boy silently crying. Who knows what was going through his mind. Not good. There are alternatives I keep mentioning. I did have a shadow hearing on what happens in these facilities and the children. Clearly, they are harmed irreparably. Our country should not be imposing that kind of cruelty on I think the Trump Administration people sit around every single day thinking ways to be cruel to these migrants. Tomorrow, they will probably come up with something else.”

HAYES: “You were one of the senators, I think 88 of them for the 5.5 billion supplemental to DHS, a showdown whether DHS needed more money for capacity. Given what they’re doing now, do you still stand by that vote? There were others saying you are giving money to this agency with insufficient strings attached.”

HIRONO: “I did not vote for that as a matter of fact, because it didn’t have sufficient parameters. Of course I realize that. A number of bills that lead to fair treatment of migrant families because they have every right to seek asylum, fair process, humane treatment and really addressing the root causes what’s going on in the countries they are fleeing from. I support those kinds of measures that truly do something to change the equation in terms of what’s happening to these migrants and their families. That’s not where the Trump Administration is coming from.”

HAYES: “You co-sponsored with another senator that would change the way the DHS is dealing with these families, monitoring release, case work, things like that. Is there any universe on which Mitch McConnell moves on that?”

HIRONO: “You know. Bottom line, the people making decisions on these kinds of bills including we should not have for profit entities running these facilities. They have no incentive to do the right thing. The only way we’re going to change the people who will be voting on these measures is to change the people, the decision-makers. That’s why everyone has to be aware what our country is doing in our name supposedly, certainly not in my name or yours, that the people who vote have got to change. That certainly starts in my view with Mitch McConnell, who is one of the most ruthless people I know and proud to call himself the grim reaper, who will never bring any of these bills to the floor of the Senate for a vote.”

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