Mayoral Candidate Promises to Slash Comptroller Budget if Spitzer Wins Election

Doe Fund Founder and Republican candidate for Mayor George McDonald pledged as Mayor to propose a budget that cuts in half the comptroller’s spending authority if Elliot Spitzer wins election.

Spitzer who resigned in disgrace as governor after a series of scandals involving the abuse of of state resources has also threatened as comptroller to renew his persecution of New York’s financial and job engine, Wall Street.

“We need a comptroller that cares about jobs, not a personal political agenda,” said McDonald.

He added, “Spitzer abused the people’s trust and their pocketbook misusing state resources to advance his personal proclivities and political vendettas. He simply can’t be trusted and as mayor I would seek to reign in his power by dramatically reducing his access to funds.”

With a staff of over 700, the New York City Comptroller’s Office was budgeted $69.78 billion for the 2014 fiscal year.

In addition, McDonald pledged as mayor to advance separate legislation to require Spitzer’s travels and office expenses are audited by an independent outside accounting firm.

Concluded McDonald, “Elliot Spitzer has repeatedly and knowingly broke laws ranging from human trafficking to illegal money transfers, he has abused the power of the State Police and chased away jobs and opportunity for New Yorkers with his witch hunts against Wall Street – it is clear he requires strict and constant oversight.”

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