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Maxine Waters: Trump Doesn’t Care About Coronavirus Deaths, He Only Cares About His “White Power Pep Rallies”

Representative Maxine Waters suggests President Trump doesn’t care about Americans dying from coronavirus and only wants to reopen the economy so he can hold “his white power pep rallies.”

“Trump doesn’t care about the 80,000 [plus] people who’ve died from [Coronavirus]!” the California Democrat tweeted.

She added, “He only wants to open up the economy so he can go back to having his white power pep rallies!”

Nothing like comparing every person who supports Trump to klan members. It seems like a solid political strategy. Worked out pretty well for Hillary last go around.

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Revives the Corona Hoax Hoax

Not only did she smear anybody who has ever attended a Trump rally, but Waters also revived the ‘Trump said coronavirus is a hoax’ hoax.

“The death [and] economic devastation we are facing is [because Trump failed to act early [and] called [Covid-19] a hoax!” she falsely claimed.

The idea that the President referred to the pandemic as a hoax has been debunked time after time.

President Trump explained repeatedly that he was referring to the Democrats’ efforts to pin the coronavirus on him, not the pandemic itself.

“The hoax is on them, not – I’m not talking about what’s happening here; I’m talking what they’re doing. That’s the hoax,” he explained.

But facts are like Kryptonite to Waters.


Heartless? maxine waters white power

Waters earlier this week, sadly, announced that she lost her sister to coronavirus. We understand the desire to lash out during such a painful moment.

But Waters has been lashing out erratically for years now and calling everyone who supports the President a white supremacist isn’t the way to go about things.

Saying he doesn’t care is just as ridiculous.


President Trump recently admitted that he does “not sleep at night thinking about” those who have died during the coronavirus crisis. In fact, he vowed to rebuild the economy as a tribute to them.

“I think our economy is going to be raging,” he predicted, but “no matter how well, those people can never ever replace somebody they love.”

“But we’re going to have something that they’re going to be very proud of.”

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