And here we thought she was the ‘new face’ of the Democrat party.

Despite being hailed as the trendy alternative to Bernie Sanders, with her hip jabs at President Trump and her catchphrases of “Impeach 45!” and “reclaiming my time,” California Rep icloud backup on pc. Maxine Waters was unable to gather millennials to a recent campaign event.

It was an embarrassing effort, actually.

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The event was publicized as a meeting with super-cool “Auntie Maxine,” involving a meet and greet ‘Tweet-A-Thon’ to be held this past weekend cad for free.


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You had the nicknames, you had the edgy technology event, and you had an invite for “Millennials (to) come energized and ready to get out the vote.”

So what could possibly go wrong samsung galaxy sprache herunterladen?

Cue the sad trombone. Video of the event demonstrates that no more than ten or maybe a dozen or so ‘energized’ Millennials bothered to make the event kostenlose lebenslauf vorlagen herunterladen.

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I had a good 12-15 people at a cookout last weekend, in an event that could be described as an Eat-a-Thon, which was a far better turnout than this debacle bildbearbeitungsprogramm kostenlos downloaden computer bild.

Aside from video showing empty tables and chairs, ‘Auntie Maxine’ predicted that Democrats would take back the House, something she hopes will lead to the impeachment of President Trump windows 10 update 1909en.

She also told the tiny, tiny crowd that pro-Trump supporters “think they’re going to take me out.”

“I ain’t goin’,” she added movie4k movies firefox.

Coincidentally, neither was anybody else. To this event.


The 79-year-old Waters has emerged as the ‘new face’ of a Democrat Party ill-equipped to cope with the stunning loss of the Presidency to Donald Trump herunterladen. She perfectly reflects the state of their party. Incoherent.


If that’s the face of the Democrat Party, then we look forward to four more years of President Trump amazon gekaufte lieder herunterladen.

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