Maxine Waters Admits She Has No Facts, Pushes New Trump/Russia Conspiracy Anyway

Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters floated a conspiracy theory on CNN involving President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin but admitted she had no proof.

Despite this fact, or lack of facts, the network that often quantifies comments made by Trump with the disclaimer ‘without evidence’ offered no pushback on the wild accusations.

Waters, the House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman, made the comments during an appearance with OutFront host Erin Burnett.

“Because I believe, even though I don’t have the facts to prove it, I believe that Putin wanted to lift the sanctions,” Waters said.


“He’s always wanted to lift these sanctions that were placed on him because of his interfering with and incursion into Crimea and so I believed that they wanted to elect President Trump and Trump I believe agreed, I will always believe this, that he agreed that if he got elected he would lift those sanctions.”

Well then, if Mad Maxine says she believes it, by golly it must be believed.

Maxine Waters spins unhinged conspiracy theories about President Trump on CNN and admits that she doesn’t “have the facts to prove it.”

Also called “Monday” at CNN.

— Arthur Schwartz (@ArthurSchwartz) December 17, 2019


Maxine and the Media Always Lacking Facts

The media bias is quite obvious here. This is evidenced by the fact that Burnett didn’t interrupt Waters immediately after she uttered the phrase, “I don’t have the facts to prove it.”

Granted, admitting she has no facts is the most honest thing Ms. Waters has said in the past 10 years, but there’s a problem here.

We’ve gotten to a point where every word out of Trump’s mouth – even if it’s made in jest or hyperbole – is overanalyzed to death. But Maxine flat-out admits she’s making something up and nobody bats an eye.

After making things up and engaging in a witch hunt, the California Democrat insisted she doesn’t just make things up and isn’t engaged in a witch hunt.

“He would like to do it; he’s not been able to do it,” she alleged furthering the conspiracy, “but when they talk about, ‘we just making things up’ and he talks about this as a ‘witch-hunt,’ there are too many facts.”

From “I don’t have the facts” to “there are too many facts” in 2.3 seconds flat. Stupidity moves at impressive speeds in this one.

Rep. Maxine Waters: Senate better not sweep impeachment under rug

— Rusty Weiss ?? (@rustyweiss74) October 21, 2019


Maxine’s Shamelessness

Last month, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson wrote a scathing letter to Rep. Maxine Waters accusing her of “shamelessness.”

“Your shamelessness knows no bounds,” he wrote.

Nothing has changed, it would seem.

Waters has led the unhinged resistance movement ever since President Trump entered the White House, squawking about impeachment and spouting off conspiracy theories at nearly every turn.

And CNN still offers her a microphone. Both she and the network are shameless.

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