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Matt Gaetz: ‘Nancy Pelosi Has Been Planning This Impeachment Since the Moment She Took Power’

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Rough Transcript:

Sweet treats and dessert during the holiday season also tonight street justice is back and you will not want to miss a minute. Let’s start with the impeachment, as we look ahead to the Senate trial, my next guest fight for it President Trump in the annals barrage of nonsense from the democrats. The House Judiciary Committee congressman Matt Gaetz joined me now. Thank you for being with us. As all of this has unfolded, I want to look back before we look forward to the Senate and what will happen in the new year. Clearly this impeachment in Nancy Pelosi answered a press question that she’s been working on impeachment for two and half years. So I guess she’s pretty much admitted this is not something that just came up because of Ukraine.

>> That is right, the radical left democrats filled the stockings of the antitrust base with rumor and innuendo and impeachment. But the rest of America got a lump of coal, we did not gonna infrastructure bill because Nancy Pelosi has been planning this impeachment since the moment she took power in jerry nadler the chairman of judiciary committee even campaigned to the fellow democrats on the notion he would be the person to bring us to this point. The real question why democrats failed to meet the standard they set for themselves. They promised us a bipartisan impeachment in the only bipartisan vote was a five person vote against impeachment. They promised us the hearings would emanate public support for impeachment and we have not seen that either. The american people hate this and if congress continues they may end up hating us.

>> In the end truthfully congress move quickly toward the end of the year because they realized that the support for impeachment is almost right now among the independents and those in the middle it is declining day after day. I think they made a decision to end this soon. Let’s talk about in light of what you been through and the president was not able to present a case and cross-examine witnesses and all the things that all the other presidents have been entitled to do in addition to the fact that this was not by the council but by one party against this president, do you see things changing in the Senate, how do you think they will handle over there?

>> I know the president wants an extended trial in the Senate and he has the opportunity to present evidence but if this were a case in your court, brought by any party, you would dismiss on a motion to dismiss dismiss — and the reason you would do that is because it is not worth judicial labor for somebody despite the football when the other side has not made their case. As we said before you now, democrats failed to produce direct evidence and failed to get the public on their side, there was no quid pro quo in the only direct evidence was the president saying he did not want anything other than president zelensky to do the right thing and the work he campaigned on. If I were on the Senate I look to get this behind us and get on to the work of the trump agenda.

>> There are people who say the republicans have been treated like garbage by the house and they thrown away all the rules not just in congress but a Due Process and they denied the president everything that ever other president has been given, it’s totally partisan and predicts, is a blueprint for any major party throwing out a president of the opposite party. So maybe it’s time to take away the veil and to identify the whistleblower to get Joe Biden, Hunter Biden. I am all in favor of that. Adam Schiff want to know who you told about it, I want to know what your relationship is with the whistleblower and on and on. I think the american people are entitled to that we don’t have to vote for months. Don’t you think honesty and transference is important.

>> Those are all reasonable questions, they were reasonable when the president asked them about the bidens and Burisma and the corrupt activity they were engaged in globally. We can conduct oversight in the absence of impeachment. Here’s what I would do step one, impeachment is dead, off the table, over that the president and his ministration continue the great work for the country. Step two oversight hearings, and the judiciary committee and foreign affairs committee. Let’s find out which we may have had a U.S. Ministration in the Obama biden administration cheating and participating in a shakedown scheme where we were selling access based on where a member of the second family had unexplained employment agreement. If we were able to do that we would free up the president to do the great work of the country and we can get the answers that you raised.

>> As you recall back a few weeks ago they decided in judiciary not to take the vote at night because they wanted the vote to be in the morning so all America could see it. Isn’t that a good argument to get into the Senate, with all due respect the Senate dealing with impeachment will get a little more attention than oversight.

>> I think if Lindsey Graham brings Hunter Biden before he judiciary committee it will not matter whether it’s impeachment or oversight. I think will be tuning in but where I’m from they call that all hat and no cattle and that’s what we saw from House Democrats. Everything from theatrical performance of Adam Schiff from a thewhole deal was driven for television because they had no actual evidence.

>> It is sad and honestly I think a lot of americans want to get back to the business of doing americans business and I do too. But there’s a part of me that said you tried to take this man

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance journalist focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been writing conservatively charged articles for several years in the upstate New York area, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, American Thinker,, Big Government, the Times Union, and the Troy Record. He is also Editor of one of the top conservative blogs of 2012, the Mental Recession.

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