In Bill Owens’ new commercial, the Democrat says that “instead of creating stupid regulations, let’s create some jobs.”
“I totally agree – which is why I wish my opponent’s actions actually matched his words,” said Matt Doheny, the Republican, Conservative and the Independence parties’ candidate in the 21stCongressional District solidworks 2018 herunterladen. “The truth is this: Our current congressman has supported several ‘stupid’ regulations pushed by President Obama’s administration – and now there are 5,000 more people out of work in his district than there were when my opponent first went to Washington.”
In his commercial, Owens cites the following “stupid” regulations:

·      Limiting dust on farms: But according to Bloomberg, the “EPA had never proposed tightening rules on farm dust, and the agency said lawmakers were raising concerns based on a myth about the rulemaking.” [10/17/11]

·      Preventing teens from working on the family farm: The Department of Labor said its decision to withdraw the proposed rule “was made in response to thousands of comments expressing concerns about the effect of the proposed rules on small family-owned farms.” [04/26/12]

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·      Classifying spilled milk as an oil spill: The Watertown Daily Times said the EPA first proposed exempting bulk milk tanks in January 2009 – 11 months before Owens took office minecraft kostenlosen vollversion android. [06/20/10]
“My opponent was smart not to take credit in his commercial for ending any of these ‘stupid’ rules,” said Doheny windows movie maker 2012 downloaden. “One was imaginary. One prompted a collective outcry. And the third was already being settled before he took office.”
Doheny continued: “You may not see it in a commercial, but our congressman has supported several ‘stupid’ Obama administration regulations that would surely lead to job losses.”
Those include:
·      Cement: Owens voted twice against bipartisan legislation that would have delayed implementation of EPA rules against cement manufacturers that would have been cost-prohibitive or “effectively impossible to meet,” prompting layoffs or jobs moving overseas herunterladen. [Roll Call #764, 10/6/11]

·      Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act: After Boeing made a $2 billion investment in South Carolina and created more than 2,000 jobs, the National Labor Relations Board tried to block the company from moving a production line there and adding more jobs downloaden van youtube op usb-stick. Owens voted against this bipartisan bill, which would have stopped the NLRB’s legal complaint from proceeding. [Roll Call #711, 9/15/11]

·      TRAIN Act: Owens voted against the bipartisan Transparency in Regulatory Analysis of Impacts on the Nation (TRAIN) Act, which would delay implementation of new EPA standards for utilities cd brenner kostenlos downloaden. The bill was in response to the Obama administration’s push for environmental standards that would have threatened the jobs at more than 1,000 power plants and caused customers to pay up to 24 percent more for their electricity minecraft mods download kostenlos. [Roll Call #741, 9/23/11]

·      Project labor agreements: President Obama pushes project labor agreements for all federal construction work free calculators. Bill Owens has defended this anti-competitive, costly practice by voting four times against House efforts to either prohibit PLAs as a requirement for federal construction projects or to give contractors the option wiso steuer 2019 mac herunterladen. (Roll Call #302, 5/31/12; Roll Call #267,5/17/12; Roll Call #413, 6/13/11; Roll Call #126, 2/19/11)

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·      Quickie elections: With the Owens supported “card check” legislation stalled in Congress, the Obama administration proposed changing the rules for union elections – dramatically shortening the time employers would have to prepare for employee unionization da vinci resolve for free. This would create uncertainty for every private-sector employers and could increase labor costs. Owens voted against the bipartisan Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act, which would have reined in the Obama administration’s attempt to impose drastic changes to the workplace. [Roll Call #869,11/30/11]

·      BULB Act: Owens voted against the bipartisan Better Use of Lightbulbs Act, which would have allowed the sale of inexpensive incandescent light bulbs to continue. Instead, he voted to uphold new standards that will push Americans to use costlier fluorescent bulbs, the majority of which are manufactured in China. [Roll Call #563, 7/12/11]

·      REINS Act: Owens voted against the bipartisan Regulations From the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act, which would have required Congress to take an up-or-down vote on major regulations proposed by the administration. It would make members more accountable, and provide a check-and-balance to bureaucratic overreach. [Roll Call #901, 12/7/11]