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I have another one, Mr call of duty 1 download kostenlos vollversion deutsch. Schumer. How about an independent special prosecutor to investigate this whole Iranian deal. Let me tell you what’s going on here, Sean, the president of the United States followed the Constitution, followed the law and followed the advice of a deputy attorney general who won 94-6 in his nomination free photo viewer. If you want to know why? The guy doesn’t have a political bone in his body. He has worked for Bill Clinton, George Bush. He is a career public integrity prosecutor musik downloaden und offline hören iphone. A criminal prosecutor. He has been a U.S. Attorney. Sean, the two big left-wing senators from Maryland went to his confirmation hearing, introduced him and urged the committee to support him for deputy attorney general adobe player kostenlos herunterladen. This man comes into the Justice Department, he hears what Schumer and Clinton have said and he has seen with his own eyes what Comey did. Then he watches Comey’s testimony the week before, last week — Comey doubles down job simulator kostenlos downloaden. And what happens? He writes a memo to the attorney general and says Mr. Attorney General, this director of the FBI — I have to deal with him. I don’t trust him anyconnect herunterladen. He needs to go. The president of the United States did exactly the right thing. He did what a Barack Obama didn’t have the courage to do. Remove and FBI director that didn’t have the temperament to be an FBI director iw elan.
>> Sean: Let’s talk about this from the legal point of view. He studied the Constitution your entire life. When we talk about equal justice under the law, when we talk about a two-tiered justice system, it is overwhelming and incontrovertible that Hillary Clinton violated Normal’s laws and committed numerous felonies filme kostenlos aufs handyen. That’s just on the email server scandal. The Iranian wow uranium one deal deal. Going to Vladimir Putin. There is a Russian conspiracy. Then of course general Flynn, the one law we know was broken was when he was surveilled and unmasked herunterladen. That’s a felony under the espionage act. For the average person that is maybe hearing some of these tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist, what does it mean to this country if we have a two-tiered justice system ps4 media playeren? And we don’t have equal justice under the law?
>> What people have to understand what he took the advice of a career prosecutor, who was confirmed 94-6 by the United States Senate and backed by almost every Democrat. That career prosecutor, as opposed to Chuck Schumer who is a career political hack demigod, that prosecutor looked at this case — James Comey is under investigation too. That career prosecutor who is now the deputy attorney general, nonpartisan and nonpolitical looked at what Comey had done. He got in their April 25th. I find it fascinating that Democrats say, why did he act now? They’ve stonewalled the confirmation of almost all of the president’s cabinet selections. Finally, this outstanding choice for deputy attorney general is confirmed two weeks ago. He looks at the situation and he says, this man needs to be removed. The answer is, the president followed the Constitution. Chuck Schumer is undermining the Constitution.
>> Sean: All right, mark mark.