Marjorie Taylor Greene Smacks Down CNN Reporter: ‘Have You Apologized for Russian Collusion Conspiracy Lies?’

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REPORTER: “I wanted to ask you. You talked yesterday, I wasn’t here, but you said on a video on January 2019, I’m just going to read it to you verbatim, you said —“

GREENE: “Who are you with? What’s your name?”

REPORTER: “I’m with CNN. ‘By our law, representatives and senators can be kicked out and no longer serve in our government. It’s a crime punishable by death, is what treason is.’ It’s what you said —“

GREENE: “Did you see my speech yesterday? How many stories did you report on Russian collusion conspiracy lies? No, I want to know, have you apologized for Russian collusion conspiracy lies? Have you — I don’t have to —“

REPORTER: “Would you stand by the fact that Nancy Pelosi is guilty of treason?”

GREENE: “I think you heard my speech yesterday. You owe the people an apology. You lied about President Trump. You owe the people an apology. I have done mine yesterday. Okay, next question.”

REPORTER: [inaudible question]

GREENE: “Did any of you hear my speech yesterday?”

REPORTER: “You said he is guilty of treason and deserving of death.”

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