Salman Abedi, the Manchester terrorist who set off a suicide bomb at an Ariana Grande show that killed 22 people and injured scores of young concertgoers, is believed to have traveled to Libya and Syria prior to the attack hp solution center windows 10 herunterladen.

A school friend told The Times that Abedi “went to Libya three weeks ago and came back, like, days ago.”

Officials have been trying to determine if the Manchester bomber had gone to Libya to receive jihad training android pie herunterladen.

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French interior minister Gerard Collomb, cited British intelligence when he reported that Abedi “probably” traveled to Syria as well grundbuchauszug herunterladen.

Collomb added that the suicide bomber had “proven” links to ISIS.

Via Fox News:

The man British police say blew himself up as a packed concert was letting out in Manchester, England, Monday night is believed to have traveled to Syria and had “proven” links with the Islamic State terror network dm fotobuch herunterladen.

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British and French intelligence have information that Salman Abedi, 22, had been to Syria, although it was unclear if he was part of a larger network of attackers, French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said Wednesday outlook only subject.

It also was reported the attacker had recently returned to the U.K. from Libya days before the attack, according to his friends herunterladen.

Hillary Clinton has been credited by numerous analysts with spurring the rise of ISIS in Libya through her pursuit of regime change herunterladen. One source with knowledge of negotiations between Libya and the U.S., claimed that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton nixed a deal that would have seen democratic elections in the war-torn country and prevented the rise of ISIS

Video Of Hillary Gleefully Celebrating The Execution Of A World Leader Now Makes Sense herunterladen!

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Even liberal Democrat Bernie Sanders accused Clinton of encouraging the rise of ISIS in Libya candy crush saga zum herunterladen.

“She was proud to have been involved in regime change in Libya, with Gaddafi, without worrying, I think, about what happened the day after and the kind of instability and the rise of Isis that we have seen in Libya,” Sanders charged herunterladen.


Three people have been arrested in connection with the Manchester bombing, while officials believe another attack may be “imminent.”

Do you believe Salman Abedi got help in carrying out this attack in Libya or Syria? Share your thoughts below.

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