A man armed with an AK-47 successfully executed an armed robbery of a local Waffle House in Desoto, Texas. Toting his weapon, the suspect was able to take money from several customers.

Police were called as the suspect made his way out to his vehicle. Authorities arrived expecting to engage the criminal, but were surprised to find him lying in the parking lot.

One of the Waffle House patrons happened to be a concealed carry permit holder. After following the robber out to the parking lot, where he pointed his AK-47 back at him, the man exercised his second amendment rights.

Via Bearing Arms:

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When an armed robber walked into a Texas Waffle House restaurant with an AK-47, he may have forgotten that he was in Texas, but one customer quickly reminded him that you don’t get away with that sort of thing in the Lone Star State.

The alleged robber, 26-year-old Antoine Devon Cooper of Dallas, entered the DeSoto Waffle House at about 2:30 a.m. on July 7, armed with an AK-47 rifle. Cooper robbed several customers at gunpoint, then walked out of the diner, but one customer followed him out of the restaurant in an attempt to stop his reign of terror.

The man called out to Cooper in the parking lot, who then turned and pointed his AK-47 at him, police said. That’s when the customer shot him several times, eliminating the threat.

It turns out that the concealed carry permit holder knew his wife was very close by, as they had planned on meeting at the Waffle House. Rather than take a chance that she ran into the armed robber in the parking lot, the man jumped into action.