A 32-year-old Atlanta man out on a first date got into an argument with another individual, joked about having voted for Donald Trump, and wound up getting shot dead.

His girlfriend stated that Mitchell Mormon, Jr., jokingly told an Hispanic man that he voted for Trump, suggesting that the President-Elect’s immigration plan would mean he’d be ‘gone in a week.’

That’s when the man pulled out a gun.

Mormon and the girlfriend were both shot in the ensuing altercation.

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Via Breitbart:

A man on a first date was shot outside a bar in Atlanta after he jokingly said he voted for President-elect Donald Trump.

Mitchell Mormon, Jr., 32, was shot dead outside Church Bar after he got into an argument with another man who pulled out a gun, WSB reported.

Shaunita Walker, 25, stated that the alleged shooter said something disrespectful to her as she went back to the bar. When Mormon found out, he confronted the man, and the two got into an argument.

Walker said that during the argument, Mormon jokingly told the man that he voted for Trump.

The argument continued as the alleged shooter went around the corner and returned with a gun and shot Mormon.

The girlfriend claimed that the man was intent on fighting from the onset and that she doesn’t personally believe the comment about Trump was what triggered him to commit murder.

It most certainly didn’t help, however.

Mormon is the father of 3 children and was celebrating being hired for a new job.

Law enforcement are still looking for the suspect and two of his friends at this time.

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