Man Interrupts Hillary Speaking Event: ‘You’re Going to Jail Lady!’

A heckler attending the final night of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s cross-country tour interrupted proceedings by shouting at the former Secretary of State, “You’re going to jail lady.”

The Clinton’s were speaking at an event in Las Vegas titled after some people’s worst nightmares, “An Evening With the Clintons.”

A man describing himself on social media as a combat veteran and an apparent fan of the recently de-platformed Alex Jones, disrupted the event and told Hillary she’s headed to jail.

“I’m a Deplorable! I’m a Deplorable!” the man shouted. “You’re going to jail, lady!”

I bought my ticket and I had a plan to let Bill and Hillary know that we weren’t going to have them in Nevada uncontested. #MAGA #BillandHill #AlexJones@allidoisowen @HillBenjamin @TYRANTSLAYER @PrisonPlanet @roarmittens @RonsNewsFeed #Infowars

— ??DEPLORABLE HILL?? (@Deplorable_Hill) May 6, 2019


The man, rightly so, was escorted out by security, but not before Hillary jabbed him saying, “We have some people who’d rather shout than talk and listen.”

Accused Trump of Being Manipulated by Putin

Honestly, this man’s theatrics were probably the highlight of the show.

Hillary and her husband spent a good portion of the night whining about the Trump presidency despite it being infinitely more successful than the third term of Obama would have been.

They also mocked the President for being “played” by Russian president Vladimir Putin, claiming without evidence that his KGB background allowed him to manipulate Trump.

“I don’t understand exactly the pull out Putin has over him,” she droned on. “A lot of these tough guys on the international scene expect you to push back. Right now, we are ceding so much territory to him.”

Who Has Really Been Manipulated by Putin?

That accusation is pure chutzpah since it must have been Putin’s KGB background that allowed him to manipulate the Democrat party into thinking there was collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign for over two years.

He practically Jedi mind-tricked them at every turn, including convincing House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff that he has naked photos of the President.

That is some impressive manipulation. Not of Trump, but of the Democrats.

As for ‘ceding’ ground to Russia, Clinton once appeared on Russian television to declare that former president Barack Obama was doing his best to help “strengthen Russia.”

In a 2010 interview on Russian television, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the Obama administration wanted travel and business to increase between Russia and America and that the Obama administration wanted to “help strengthen Russia.”

— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) July 18, 2018


Man, that Putin is quite the master manipulator.

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