With a plethora of video and photographic evidence of liberals breaking down in tears over the election of Donald Trump as president, it’d be easy to assume this is just another example.

But if you watch closely, the following video will actually leave you in stitches.

A social media user by the name of Tom Alex posted the video, in which a teary eyed, sniffling, sobbing shell of a man is ranting about President-elect Donald Trump.

“It’s over, it’s over,” he laments. “America is over. Donald Trump is president. You know what that means?”

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That’s when he starts to explain to whining leftists exactly what that means. Take a look (LOL!) …


If you missed it, the man tells liberals what a future under President Trump will mean for Americans.

“That means the stock market will go up,” he cried. “Jobs will be created. People will have to go to work and stop living in their parents’ basements.”

The tears continue to flow as he bemoans, “Gonna have to give up playing video games and get a job!”

The horror!

The video is reminiscent of celebrity Miley Cyrus’ breakdown over Trump.

The man in this video deserves an award for not busting out into full-on laughter in the middle of filming. The performance, quite frankly, may have been Oscar worthy, a performance straight out of the Julliard School of Drama.

Maybe not, but it was damn funny.

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