Disgraced ex-Governor Eliott Spitzer surprised everyone by tossing his hat back in the political ring, recently announcing his candidacy for New York City comptroller.

While a scandal plagued Democrat trying to make a political comeback after an embarrassing sex scandal isn’t exactly a novel concept here in New York (see Vito Lopez, Sheldon Silver, Anthony Weiner), the fact that the woman who supplied him with high-priced call girls plans to campaign against him, is certainly different.

Via Politicker:

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Kristin Davis, the “Manhattan Madam” who was jailed for supplying call girls to former Governor Eliot Spitzer in his infamous, resignation-inducing prostitution scandal, says she’s going to challenge her former client in the comptroller’s race.

“Bring it on,” a surprised Ms. Davis told Politicker during an interview Sunday night, moments after learning that Mr. Spitzer was planning to jump into the electoral arena days before the petitioning deadline. The news also shocked the city’s political establishment and turned the formerly uncontested race on its head.

“Gosh, it’s going to be a fun race!” she exclaimed.

Then there’s this.

Only in New York can a pimp for a governor who resigned for frequenting hookers, run against that governor and say with a straight face that people look at this state as a joke, without recognizing a hint of irony.

“I think that we look like a huge joke to the rest of the county,” she said, adding that, if Mr. Spitzer were to win, she plans to pack her bags and leave New York City for good. “Weiner, what he did it was minimal compared to Spitzer,” she said.

She’s certainly nailed it on the head with that observation.