Lowey Supporters Smear Republican Candidate as ‘Jew Hater’

Nita Lowey  and her Democrat supporters have shown there is no mud they’re unwilling to sling in an attempt to keep a 14-term Congresswoman in office.

That includes plastering the walls of synagogues in Rockland County that claim her Republican opponent, Chris Day, is a “Jew hater” and an “Anti-Semite.”

Day is an Iraq War veteran running against Lowey in New York’s 17th congressional district.

Day’s father, Ed Day, posted images of the posters on his Facebook page along with translations for each.

The first poster reads:  “We already have Ed Day that gives us local troubles. Would you want his son Chris Day should slander us in Washington, with all sorts of bogus lies?”



The second reads:  “The #1 Jew Hater/Anti Semite wants the Congress seat. Will not happen!”


Ed Day has stated that the posters were “financed by those associated with Nita Lowey’s campaign” and is demanding that the Congresswoman publicly disavow the smear campaign.

In an attempt to find out who was behind the posters, we called the number included at the bottom of the posters several times over the weekend, only to be immediately disconnected.  A non-working number makes it more difficult to trace the actual source, which seems rather suspicious.

Chris Day meanwhile, has issued a statement explaining the absurdity of the groups claims:

Recently flyers have appeared outside Hasidic synagogues claiming that I am the “Number 1 Jew-Hater” and urging support of Nita Lowey.

My wife is Jewish, my son is halachly Jewish, I’m the Vice President of an Israeli-focused investment firm managed by an IDF veteran, and I’m a member of The Jewish Society at Yale. For anyone to accuse me of such things is disgusting and insulting.

This is a whole new low for Ms Lowey. First, she tries to scare seniors by lying about my positions and now she has used the Hasidic community to spread these nasty lies about me and my family.

Nita Lowey should be ashamed and embarrassed. This is certainly not behavior becoming of a member of Congress and it is not behavior worthy of the support of the good people of Rockland and Westchester counties.

Last year, the elder Day was also hit with charges of being anti-Semitic.  Lowey’s supporters, clearly desperate to hold on, are taking a page from that same smear campaign.



New York

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