Lou: A few thoughts on the death of a Rino. We are examining politics in 2017. I’m talking about speaker Paul Ryan and his deference to corporate lobbyists, his unbridled hostility towards dodge myt material v5 herunterladen. The president took rino Ryan to the woodshed and eliminated the need for any Republican to pretend Ryan is a Republican in any way. The president booted the hapless fool of the speaker out of the way of those trying to get the nation’s business done herunterladen. Here is Ryan talking about tying Harvey funding to an increase in the debt ceiling.

>> What the leaders proposed is unworkable. I think that’s ridiculous and disgraceful task manager herunterladen. If they want to play politics with the debt ceiling that’s a ridiculous idea. I hope they don’t mean that.

Lou: They did mean that because within hours the president reached a deal with the Democrats to funds the government until December while finding funds for Harvey relieve and tax reform while he was at it münchener freiheit kostenlos downloaden. Rienls insults, object city nance and subversion of President Trump to the behavior of democratic leadership much late. They calmed themselves, they have been far more conciliatory in their rhetoric and Ryan is fully exposed to the nation music for free on mp3-player. His Congress accomplishes next to nothing this year. Nothing in Ryan’s two-year tenure as a speaker has been done. All who will recognize what else before their eyes that Ryan is nothing but an immense obstacle to getting the people’s business done and it’s time to follow the president’s leadership and implement fully his agenda fortnite herunterladen handy. Rinos are wrong for our time. They are in the wrong party. Not even the massive amounts of corporate lobbying money can buy rinos a political future. Mark my words herunterladen. Rinos are over. Our quotation for the evening from Thomas Jefferson. These words live as brightly today as they did when they were written 200 years ago from your games and software library at any time. When the representative body have lost the con if I defns their constituents and notoriously made sale of their most of valuable rights. When they assumed to themselves powers to which the people they ever put in their hands, then indeed their continuing in office becomes dangerous herunterladen. My friends, as long as we permit the elites and the establishment to keep Mcconnell and Ryan in place as their tools, times will remain perilous. The Trump Administration putting more pressure on China to constrain North Korea and its provocation audacity herunterladen.

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