Yesterday, supporters of President-Elect Donald Trump started an official countdown. We are now 60 days away from Trump’s inauguration, and 60 days away from President Obama’s last day in office.

Earlier this year, when the Republican’s prospects were looking bleak, former President George W. Bush lamented that he might be the last President representing his party.

Now the tables have turned – the Democrats have lost the White House, and have failed to gain control of either houses of Congrsss. Worse, their electoral prospects look even more brutal for 2018.

A reporter decided to ask Obama if he is worried in the same manner Bush was.

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Via The Hill:

Answering questions at what is likely his final overseas press conference, President Barack Obama said he’s not worried about being the last Democratic president — “not even for a while.”

Obama made the remarks at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit on Sunday.

The president was asked for his take on the Democratic Party, following losses across the board on Election Day. Over the summer, former President George W. Bush told a group of aides he feared he’d be the last Republican president.

In response, Obama said “I’m not worried about being the last Democratic president — not even for a while.”

“The Democratic nominee won the popular vote,” he added.

But he said the party has “some thinking to do” about its message and strategy going forward.

Always the narcissist to the end.

Not really a good sign however for Democrat supporters, that the party’s focus seems to be less on ‘what did we do wrong’ and more on ‘we still won the popular vote so nothing needs to change.’

Keep thinking that, and we really will be counting down 60 days until we’ve seen the last Democrat president.

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