Joe Biden’s coronavirus remarks yesterday sounded awfully familiar herunterladen. Listening to him, we felt a sense of déjà vu. joe biden coronavirus

Here’s why: Biden blatantly ripped off President Trump, and bizarrely called on him to do things he has in fact already done herunterladen.

Joe Biden said “no efforts should be spared” to get private labs and universities working to rapidly expand testing for coronavirus herunterladen.

Will Joe Biden defeat President Trump?

President Trump already acted on this weeks ago, ordering the FDA to allow hundreds of private labs and academic hospitals to rapidly begin testing for coronavirus. 

Joe Biden said that small businesses will need relief from coronavirus’ economic impact iphone app store kann nichts herunterladen. 

President Trump already moved decisively to provide $50 billion in liquidity to small business owners, and is asking Congress for even more wo kann man illegal musiken.

Joe Biden said it is critical for insurance companies to waive copays for coronavirus testing openolat herunterladen.

President Trump already got it done, securing a commitment from the nation’s insurance providers to waive all copays on coronavirus testing and expand coverage of coronavirus treatment in all their benefit plans. 

Joe Biden said we need to “accelerate” the development of a coronavirus vaccine schriftarten vivaldi kostenlos downloaden.

That is exactly what President Trump has done, fast-tracking development of a vaccine to face clinical trials within months herunterladen.

Joe Biden advised Americans to stay home from work when ill, wash their hands, and avoid large public gatherings alle fotos gleichzeitig von icloud herunterladen.

President Trump advised Americans to take these critical steps weeks ago. 

As Joe Biden’s 40 years in Washington demonstrate, his talk rarely turns into real results silvestergrüße 2020 whatsapp kostenlosen. In contrast, President Trump promised he would not hesitate to take decisive action to protect the American people, and he is keeping that promise.

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