LOL: Outgoing Senator Says ‘My Staff Is Simply Awful’

Freudian slip


A verbal mistake that is thought to reveal a repressed belief, thought, or emotion.

Senator Mark Pryor (D-AR) got crushed trying to hold onto his Senate seat in November, unable to muster 40% of the vote against Republican Tom Cotton.

In his farewell speech, Pryor let his feelings toward his staff be known with no holds barred… albeit accidentally.

It’s still pretty damn funny regardless. Check it out (H/T Townhall)…

Sen. Mark Pryor: “My staff is simply awful…awesome…”

— Jose A. DelReal (@jdelreal) December 15, 2014

The speech, according to most accounts, didn’t get much better after that. Liberal publication Slate dubbed it a “God-awful farewell speech.”

Perhaps, they too, meant awesome.

Pryor’s demise was sealed during the campaign season when his awful staff decided to run this goofy ad suggesting that his opponent was responsible for the spread of Ebola.


Come to think of it, Pryor was right the first time. Simply awful.

What’s your interpretation? Did Pryor actually mean to call his staff “awful?”

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