Take that Colin Kaepernick.

A little boy at a Texas kindergarten showed the spoiled Kaepernick what it means to show a little respect and love for God and country, stopping to say the Pledge of Allegeiance and a prayer outside his school.

But the best part is that he did so while running late to class that day.

Via Fox News Insider:

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Kindergartener Royce Thompson of Santa Fe, Texas was running late to class when he stopped just outside the entrance to his school, because he heard the students inside reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ignoring the clock, Thompson also took a moment to say a short prayer, Jackie Ibanez reported on Fox and Friends.

“Thank you, God. Thank you for giving me a wonderful day,” he prayed.

The picture of Thompson praying outside the school building has been shared thousands of times.

“I give a lot of credit to that mom. She raised a good little boy,” Ibanez said.

The original image can be seen here …


Support for little Royce’ show of patriotism has been overwhelming on social media.

One person wrote that it’s nice to know “we still have lots of good kids out there that love and respect our country!”

“This 5-year-old has more respect for his country than some major athletes and politicians,” another wrote. “That should tell you everything about those people.”

“I couldn’t believe that he acknowledged that that was a moment of, you know, you need to stop do the pledge and he just did,” Officer Cibby Moore told FOX 26 in Houston. “He just ignored all the kids around him and kept doing it. And it was awesome.”